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Motivation Tips Part 10

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

  • Forgive yourself.
Are you being too demanding with your expectations? If so, forgive yourself! It’s okay to push yourself out of your comfort zones and strive for growth and progress, but there is no need to bully yourself into achieving the goals you’ve set. Do what you can, try to do better than you’ve done in the past, and let your progress happen more naturally. With a slightly more relaxed approach, you may find your motivation returning naturally also!
  • Let your intuition guide you.
Sometimes your lack of motivation might be a strong message from your intuition that you are working toward the wrong goals! Ask your inner self to provide insight on goals that might be more in alignment with your life path. You may be surprised to learn that your goals aren’t right for you at all . . . or you simply need to make a tiny adjustment to change everything for the better.
  • Invite creative inspiration.
Sometimes the solutions you seek have nothing to do with logical thinking at all. Tap into your creative inspiration and see if it has something valuable to share. You can do this by engaging in creative pursuits like artwork, writing, musical instruments, or simple daydreaming. Here’s the important thing: when you do receive a creative insight, don’t analyze it to death! See if you can find a way to integrate it with your existing plans, or if you have to alter your existing plans without too much trouble, go ahead. You may be surprised by how effective this process is, and how quickly your motivation returns along with your creative insight.
  • Release limiting messages from others.
You may be letting the negative preconceptions of others invade your mind and deplete your motivation. Release them by  verbally stating that you are releasing the hold these damaging messages have on you. Try something like this: “I hereby release any internal messages of limitation, lack or inability that may have been instilled in me by others. These are not my beliefs, and therefore do not belong in my mind or body. I let them go, and I forgive the bearers of such messages. I believe that they do not mean to cause harm to me; they simply cannot see the same vision I see for my own life, just as I am unable to see their vision. I reclaim my life purpose and I embrace the courage and desire to follow it with joy and gratitude.”
  • Trust your vision . . . it’s bigger than you are!
Remember that your dream is about more than just YOU! You must believe that you are NOT working alone in your endeavors. Whether you believe in the assistance and guidance of universal or spiritual forces, or you simply believe that you have untapped potential within you – trust that your vision is achievable.
  • Focus on serving others.
Making it as your mission to contribute something of value to the world is one of the best motivators of all time. Find a way to serve others AND make your own life better at the same time. It’s very easy to do, and when you find the right combination to achieve this, you will be awed and amazed at how quickly your dreams will be realized. When you see the powerful ways  your contributions have an effect on others around you, you’ll never be short of  being motivated again – in fact, you’ll probably have to guard against burnout because you’ll become so addicted to the feeling of making a powerful difference in the world. 

summarised from white dove book