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Children need Affection and Attention

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Children thrive on love, so shower them with plenty of affection and attention.

One four-year-old boy told his father: I like sitting with you. His father had been away working for months. The boy was glowing with joy as he sat next to the person he loves.

Children yearn for their parent’s attention. They thrive on their parent’s love. Parents provide for their offspring physical needs. Sometimes they even over-indulge their kids with luxuries. They buy them gifts to make up for lost time. But do they actually communicate their love for their children?

Many tell their children that they love them. What they say does not mean much to their children if they hardly know what is going on in their offspring’s lives.

What children want is for their parents to recognize them as they grow and learn. A simple nod or a smile is enough when they come running with their new painting.

As children grow older, they discover various ways of doing things. They want their parents to take a stand with them when they are trying to do the right thing. It is those unique moments when your children least expect you to act in a certain way, that makes them sense that you love them unconditionally.

Children know when they have done something wrong. They know they will be punished for it. But when you pay attention to what is really significant, you may want to surprise your child with an thoughtful and loving heart.

You can say: What you have done is wrong. I am very angry that you did not comply with my words. I know you expect me to punish you. But this time, I prefer to turn something negative into something constructive. Let’s find a way collectively for you to learn this lesson well and not do again it.

I am not suggesting that parents let children off the hook every time they do something wrong. They will have to face the penalty of their misbehaviour or wrongdoing. You have to deal with it in an suitable manner. Children will come to believe and learn their lessons when they know that their parents still love them even though they restraint them. They learn a great deal from their relations with the significant adults in their lives.

If they hear more constructive words from their parents instead of negative ones, they will surely be on the right track in their behaviour.

Here are some ways to create cherished moments with your child:

Spend time together
The younger your child is, the more time he needs from you. If your child is still a baby, he needs you there as much as possible. Personally, you may take five minutes to shower and get ready. But your baby needs you to spend at least 20 minutes to help him get ready for his bath.

Talk him through the progression of undressing and preparing for bath time. This is effective bonding time for parent and child.

Sing along with your child
It does not matter that your singing is worse than some of the contestants in the American Idol show. You can rewrite some of the lyrics of your favourite songs with your child. It adds that extra bit of fun for your child when you put his or her name in the song.

Have fun with feel-your-way art
Be yourself when you sketch or paint with your child. Tell your child to look at the object that he is drawing, not at his paper. Your child can use a pencil to draw the outline. This method of feeling with the minds fingers when your child draws, casting away all awareness, can be quite fun. Everyone in the family can bond in too.

Engage in water play
Even adults have never-ending fun playing with water. Washing the car with a pail and large sponge can provide one of those great parent-child moments. Children also like to play in the rain. Both parent and child can go out in their raincoats and have fun in the rain.

Discover from role-playing
Role-playing can teach children many things that parents find hard to talk about. Children love trying adult clothes and pretending to be fathers and mothers. Sometimes in role-playing, parents can see reflections of themselves in their children.

From there, they can learn whether they are setting the right example for their children.

One child told his father who was reading the newspaper in the same room with him: You are not listening to me. The father behind the newspaper muttered: Of course, I am. Children know their parents care for them when they give their full attention.

Women fact or Fiction

Sunday, July 4, 2010

  • Women love to shop. It is the one area of the world where they feel like they're actually to in be in command of.
  • Woman especially love a good buy. The question of "require" is unrelated, so don't bother pointing it out. Anything on sale is fair game.
  • Women never have anything to wear. Don't query the racks of clothes in the closet; you "just don't appreciate".
  • Woman need to shed tears. And they won't do it alone except they know you can hear them.
  • Women will always raise questions that have no right answer, in an attempt to trap you into feeling accountable.
  • Woman love to talk. Silence intimidates them and they feel a want to fill it, even if they have nothing to say.
  • Women need to feel like there are people not as good as they are. That's why soap operas and Oprah Winfrey-type shows are doing well.
  • Woman don't need sex as frequently as men do. This is because sex is more physical for men and more emotional for women. Just knowing that the man wants to have sex with them fulfills the arousing need.
  • Women hate bugs. Even the strong-minded ones need a man around when there's a spider or a wasp involved.
  • Woman can't maintain secrets. They eat away at them from the inside. And they don't view it as being unreliable, as long as they only tell two or three people.
  • Women always go to public restrooms in groups. It gives them a opportunity to gossip.
  • Woman can't say no to answer a ringing phone, no matter what she's doing. It might be the lottery calling.
  • Women never comprehend why men love toys. Men recognize that they wouldn't need toys if they had an "on/off" button.
  • Woman think all beer is the same.
  • Women keep three different shampoos and two different conditioners in the shower. After they shower, the bathroom will smell like a tropical rain forest.
  • Women don't appreciate the appeal of sports. Men seek leisure that allows them to escape reality. They seek activity that reminds them of how nasty things could be.
  • If a man goes on a seven-day outing, he'll bundle five days worth of clothing and will put on some things twice; if a woman goes on a seven-day trip she'll pack 21 outfits since she doesn't know what she'll feel like wearing each day.
  • Woman brush their hair prior to bed.
  • Watch a woman eat an ice cream cone and you'll have a pretty good inspiration about how she'll be in bed.
  • Women are rewarded less than men, except for one field: Modeling.
  • Woman are never wrong. Apologizing is the man's duty, "It's there in the holy book". Hmmm, who was it that gave Adam the apple?
  • Women do not know anything about cars. "Oil- stick, oil doesn't stick?"
  • Woman have superior restrooms. They get the nice chairs and red carpet. Men just get a large bowl to share.
  • The average number of items in a usual woman's bathroom is 437. A man would not be able to recognize most of these items.
  • Women love cats. Men say they love cats, but when women aren't looking, men kick cats.
  • Woman love to chat on the phone. A woman can visit her girlfriend for two weeks, and upon returning home, she will call the same friend and they will talk for three hours.
  • A woman will dress up to go shopping, water the plants, empty the trash, answer the phone, read a book, or get the mail.
  • They will drive miles out of their way to keep away from the likelihood of getting lost using a shortcut.
  • Woman don't make an effort as hard as men during sex; after all, they don't fall asleep after wards.
  • Women do NOT want an sincere answer to the question, 'How do I look?'
  • PMS stands for: Permissible Man-Slaughter. (Or in any case men think it means that. PMS also stands for Preposterous Mood Swings and Punish My Spouse.
  • The first nude man a woman sees is "Ken".
  • Women are apprehensive about their weight, butt, and breast sizes.
  • Woman will make three right-hand turns to avoid making one left-hand turn.
  • "Oh, nothing," has a totally different meaning in woman-lingo than it does in a man’s verbal communication.
  • Lewis Carroll's Caterpillar had nothing on the fairer sex.
  • Woman cannot use a map without turning the map to match to the direction that they are heading.
  • All adult females are overweight by definition; don't agree with them about it. Women always have 5 pounds to lose, but don't bring this up unless they really have 5 pounds to gain.
  • If it is not Valentines day and you see a man in a flower shop, you can almost certainly start up a conversation by asking, "What did you do?"
  • Only women understand the rationale for "guest towels" and the "good china".
  • The fairer sex want equal rights, but you hardly ever hear them clamoring to be let into the draft to cover the responsibilities that go with those rights. All women seek equality with men until it comes to sharing the closet, taking out the trash, and picking up the check.
  • Origin of the word "woman" is: woo-man.
  • If a man ticks off a woman she will often react by getting a fuzzy toilet cover which warms their rear, but makes it not possible for the lid to stay up thus it frequently gets peed on by the guys. (which gets them in more trouble)
  • Women never check to see if the lid is up. They seem to prefer taking a flying butt leap towards the bowl and then chewing men out because they "left the seat up" instead of taking two seconds and lowering it themselves.
  • They can get out of speeding tickets by pouting. This will get men arrested.
  • Females don't really care about a sense of humor in a guy despite claims to the contrary. You don't see women trampling over Tom Cruise to get to Gilbert Gottfried, do you?
  • Women fake orgasm because men fake foreplay.
  • It's okay for them to dance with each other and not be gay. You don't see straight men dancing together.
  • They will splurge hours dressing up to go out, and then they'll go out and spend more time checking out other women. Men can never catch women checking out other men; women will always catch men checking out other women.
  • The most awkward thing for women is to find another woman wearing the same dress at a formal party. You don't hear men say, "Oh-my-GOD, there's another man wearing a black tux, get me outta here!"