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Gourmetics 12 in. 304 Stainless Steel Whisk - Premium Quality, Sturdy Balloon Whisk with Lifetime Guarantee

Saturday, September 13, 2014

I'm certain this Gourmetics Kitchens' whisk will whip up a fantastic meringue, with lovely stiff white peaks. However that will not likely be one of my productions, as I've never really been one for baking pies. So why then would I want to write a testimonial on this specific kitchen gadget?

Well, this may seem a little peculiar, especially when discussing something as ordinary as a cooking utensil, but when I realized the number of other wonderful uses this sturdy whisk has, I got rather enthused.

The Gourmetics Kitchens' whisk really isn't your typical wimpy little kitchen tool. This large balloon whisk is a really sturdy utensil. It's 12 1/2 inches long and has 8 rigid wires made from 2 m. thick, 18/8 stainless steel. The comfortable 5 inch sealed handle is also built from 18/8 stainless steel, all of which makes for easy clean-up. This wire whisk has a lifetime warranty and has been created to stand up under heavy use.

When I initially saw it being put to use, a friend was whipping cooked sweet potatoes and mixing in ingredients to make a sweet potato casserole. While seeing how quickly this whisk moved through the thick potatoes, I recognized how sturdy it is. This rigid wire whisk in fact would have numerous other uses beyond its typical role in the kitchen!

A resilient balloon whisk like this would be perfect for stirring paint or ceramic glazes in large cans. It would be much more efficient than trying to stir around paint or glaze with a flat paint stick. And, being made from stainless steel, it will certainly be really easy to clean.

Avid garden enthusiasts who like to mix their own batches of potting soil would also appreciate using this large stiff wire whisk. It would be wonderful for mixing up small batches of soil in a large pail. It would make fast work of breaking up the peat moss and mixing in other ingredients such as vermiculite, bone meal, limestone, and so on.

Home brewers would likewise appreciate having a heavy duty balloon style whisk like this one for stirring their mash and mixing in the malt extract. For a 'brew in a bag' setup a whisk is really recommended over a steel mash paddle since it does not have any edges that may catch and tear the brew bag.

The other big plus with the Gourmetics whisk is that it is available from Although the whisk itself has a lifetime warranty, I really appreciated knowing that Amazon supplies a money-back guarantee as well. That made it an easy buying decision for me, since I knew I could return the item if I wasn't satisfied with it. Certainly that wasn't the case or I would not be writing this very positive testimonial.

I was also very happy with Gourmetics Kitchens' customer service. They followed up to make sure that I had gotten my order in good condition and they even sent me some suggestions on ways to be successful making meringue. I think I'm really not their typical type of customer, but I'll pass their ideas on to my friends who make meringue. Then maybe they will gift me with one of their pies.

Whether you're an excellent cook or more of a hobbyist like me, I encourage you to buy one of these terrific whisks for yourself. I'm confident you will find numerous uses for it and be as happy with it as I am.

No more disappointment trying to use a whisk that will not hold its shape.
Make your mixing projects easier with a sturdy 18/8 stainless steel wire whisk.

- high quality, professional grade wire whisk
- comfortable 5" sealed barrel handle with handy hanging hook
- rust resistant - dishwasher safe
- balloon style - 8 wire whisk
- designed for mixing thicker, heavier batters.

Click the Buy Button now to obtain the Gourmetics Kitchens stainless steel whisk covered by a lifetime satisfaction warranty.

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The Benefits Of Ab Wheel Workouts To Your Body

Friday, September 12, 2014

What can a simple small wheel and padded axel do to your body? Simple! If you combine them together, they can make a very effective exercise device, an ab wheel. Ab wheels are used for performing ab wheel rollouts which are not only fantastic for your abdominals but offer other benefits too.

Enhance your strength

Ab wheel workouts are fantastic for your whole body-- not simply your abs. How? The movement and overload is such that you will develop strength in your arms, shoulders, upper back, lower back, hips and thighs as well as, of course, your abdominals.

Enhance your core stability

All the muscles in your midsection are called the core muscles; they are responsible for stabilizing your spinal column and preventing extraneous movements of your back. With an ab wheel workout, you will get a strong core thus avoiding back injury and improving your posture.

Reduce your potential for back pain

Weak abdominals are often the reason for non-specific back pain. Ab wheel workouts can help you strengthen these muscles so they can provide a solid basis for the rest of your muscles and keep your spinal column properly aligned.

Improve your sporting performance

Running, kicking, jumping, throwing and punching are all reliant on a strong core. Ab wheel workouts are extremely effective in strengthening your core leading to an improved sporting performance.

Improve your coordination and mobility

Ab wheel workouts use multiple muscles and joints in synergy which will enhance inter and intramuscular coordination. Also, ab wheel rollouts enhance your flexibility and mobility with the large range of movements you will experience.

There are plenty of high tech ab training tools around but when it comes to the benefits versus the cost, ab wheel workouts are really hard to beat. You can also watch the video below for more ab wheel workout benefits. Featured in this video is one of Amazon's best selling ab wheels, the CSX Dual Ab Wheel Roller. The CSX Ab Wheel is the only ab wheel in the market to include a thick knee mat in addition to its dual roller wheels and extra thick padded handles to provide you with extra comfort when you roll.

Planning Your Own Funeral

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Most of the time people do not like to talk or think about their own death and funeral. Planning your funeral can mean that you acknowledge that you'll one day die. If you have considered planning your funeral well ahead of time, check out the reasons to begin with the planning process.

1: You can get what you want.

If you plan your funeral, you will be able to get everything you like and avoid the things you don't. You'd be able to make essential decisions about what you would like to happen with your body, whether it is to be cremated, buried according to traditions, or donated to science. If you prefer a traditional burial, you can hand pick your burial plot, casket, and mausoleum. If you prefer cremation, you can choose whether to put your ashes in a columbarium, a mausoleum done for such purpose, or to be scattered.

Also, you could choose the kind of memorial service you like. You can request your loved ones to gather and to celebrate your well-lived life, or choose to have a funeral service with a viewing of the casket. Planning your own funeral will ensure your friends, family, and guests will honor and remember you in the manner you would like them to.

2. You can save money.

Most funeral services are planned after the death of an individual. It is normally done by the members of the family who are currently grieving the death of a loved one. The vital decision whether to pay $1,600 for a regular, cozy coffin or $5,000 for a silk-lined, platinum casket with silver or gold trim, should be made with careful thinking. Making necessary decisions well ahead of time can significantly reduce how much "emotional" money that will be spent.

Through advance planning, you could also ensure that your family members has knowledge about any death benefits available, such as the benefits from the Veterans Administration or the Social Security. Your church, trade union, or private insurance may have available death benefits that you're also entitled to. Planning your own funeral ahead of time enables you to get all of this information for your loved ones.

3. The burden on your loved ones will be lessened.

The death of someone so dear is challenging emotional experience. Rushing to make funeral arrangements and find the money to pay for them are not ideal ways to spend the first couple of days of grieving. By planning your funeral well in advance, you have given your family a gift. You're letting them to focus on grieving your death and celebrate your life without having to think about what to do next.

If you need professional help on planning your funeral, visit FUNERAL CARE in PERTH by clicking on the given link.

This Tips For Hand Warmers might save Your Life!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I simply watched an Incredible video that can conserve great deals of lives for its expertise. Different uses for hand warmers to maintain yourself and the things you have, warm in exceptionally cold locations. It likewise can work as an exceptional asset for a cold location first aid!

This video must be enjoyed by anybody living in a winter or anybody planning a trip to a cold place! Seriously, view this video, get you Hand warmers for emergencies, be safe and delighted on your trip! I hope I helped a lot of people by sharing this video! Have good day everyone!

Jumping Rope-- An Excellent Way To Develop Your Endurance

Everybody's definition of endurance is different. One person may define it as the ability to run a marathon while others may think it's the ability to last the day without feeling exhausted.

Endurance can be broken down into muscular, cardiovascular and mental components. So if you wish to boost your endurance, you will need to work on each of them.

Cardiovascular endurance: This is all about the ability to take in and transport oxygen to your muscles to keep them working. We require oxygen to do our activities so the more efficient you are on getting that oxygen to your body the longer you can do these activities.

Muscular endurance: This is the ability of a muscle to do continuous work over a long period of time. You have two major types of muscle fibers in your body—slow twitch and fast twitch. Fast twitch fibers are fantastic for developing lots of force but fatigue very quickly. Slow twitch fibers on the other hand are not strong but are good at keeping on working for a long period of time. Therefore, slow twitch equates toendurance, while fast twitch equals strength.

To boost your muscular endurance, you need to challenge your muscles ability to work for prolonged periods of time and that means low exercise loads and extended exercise duration.

Mental endurance: Some may call it mental strength, determination and concentration, still mental endurance is essential in your endurance training. In some cases you have to just will yourself on through the fatigue and pain to keep on keeping on!

Jumping is one of the best exercises you can choose for your endurance training. Jumping rope is easily accessible, easy to learn, needs concentration and works many major muscles at the same time.

Although it could look simple, you will be impressed that with just a couple of jumps you will feel your legs burning and your heart pumping fast but don't stop, this is the time to exercise your mental endurance.

If you wish to discover more on the best ways to boost your endurance through jumping rope, watch the video below. Featuring one of Amazon's best selling jump ropes, the CSX Pro Speed XL Jump Rope will help you build not only your endurance but also your balance, coordination and strength.

How to Reduce the Stress of Moving

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Unless you are a minimalist, moving to a new place is probably the toughest household tasks you'll ever do. It can be so overwhelming. But if you can plan in advance and get organized, you will definitely make it through this enormous process with a sense of fulfillment and be ready to enjoy your new house or apartment. The following are some great tips:

1. Dispose of as much of your things as possible before you start the packing process. Think about donating to charity, a yard sale, or tossing away some things.

2. Use boxes of the same size, if possible. Such boxes will be easier to stack while you are packing your things and while the boxes are in the truck. Also, by so doing you'll be spared of the task of trying to figure out how to get all boxes of different sizes stacked in a way that they will not fall over.

3. Use smaller boxes to help both you and your moving team keep going with the process without too much struggle. Big, heavy boxes will make you feel tired quickly.

4. Use a reliable tape and tape gun. The few extra bucks you will spend will save you a large amount of frustration.

5. Make use of several wardrobe boxes. These cool stuffs keep your clothing clean and ready to hang. Also, you can throw your boots, shoes, and purses in the bottom.

6. Write the room where every box goes into on the outside of the box. This could save you a lot of time and effort when talking about depositing the boxes.

7. To help you find things with ease, write a brief description of what is in each box. If you are using recycled boxes, attach a small sheet of paper on the outside of the boxes to create a comprehensible label.

8. When you are packing clothes, towel, sheets and the like, place a plastic garbage bag in each box first, then place your things in the plastic bag. Do the same thing with the post and pans. Doing this will spare you from the task of washing them when you have to unpack. And if you want to keep your clothes smelling nice, throw in some sheets of fabric softener into the bag.

9. Pack the stuffs that you will need during the first night in separate boxes or bags and label them "essentials" so you could get to such stuffs immediately without having to go through 30 boxes trying to find certain things when you are already worn out.

To make moving easier and less stressful, consider contacting a professional, well experienced removalist like P&L TRANSPORT.