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Extra Tips on Winning a Woman's Heart

Friday, July 23, 2010

Here are some more extra tips on winning a woman's heart as espoused by wise men.

  •   To win a woman's heart, let her relax when you drive when traveling. Drive safely. 
  •   Notice how she is feeling and make a comment that shows you care like 'You seem happy today' or 'You look tired and if I could ask why' so you know what makes her happy and vice versa.  
  • When you go out with her, you yourself must know where you are so she does not feel pressured to navigate you.  
  • Pray together and play together to win a woman's heart.
  • Surprise her with a poem or love note.  
  • Treat her as you did during the early days before.  
  • Offer yourself to repair her home. Indicate if you have time for it. But do not offer to do things that you can not do well.   
  • Read aloud a newspaper column that attracts her interest.  
  • Write neatly any orders for her that you receive over the phone.  
  • To win a woman's heart, make sure the bathrooms are clean and dry after  you had your bath.  
  • Open the door for her. Offer to carry her things. Offer to carry the heavy stuff that she carries. If going for a stroll with her, keep her objects and things in your car.  
  • Praise her cooking to win a woman's heart.
  • When she’s talking, look into her eyes. Show that you are interested. At the appropriate time, hold her hands.  
  • Show your interest in what she did today, in a book she read, and to others that she interacted in order to win a woman's heart. 
  • To win a woman's heart, get ready to go to bed together and go to the room along with her.  
  • Give her kisses and give greetings or say goodbye if you want to leave the house.
  • Laugh at her jokes and idle banter to win a woman's heart.
  • Say thank you when she did something for you.  
  • Plan for a stroll with her.  
  • To win a woman's hart, talk as if you want to show her that she can get what she wants and that you also want what she wants.   
  • When you are away from her, tell her that you miss her.  
  • Buy her, her favorite food.  
  • Request for her views on things to win a woman's heart.
  • Most men think that it’s only important to do all the big things when with women but actually it’s the smaller things that count when you help her and show her that you care.  
  • When a woman feels herself as loved, she will love back without excuses.  
  • Men will also notice that when they do small favours for their loved ones, it actually soothes their heart. When she is happy, you will feel happy too. You will feel needed and accomplished because your loved one would have received the attention she required.

More Tips For Winning a Woman's Heart

Monday, July 19, 2010

Here are more tips discovered by man of wisdom to win a woman's heart.

  • To win a woman's heart, make sure that when she is  tired or angry, ask her what you can do and offer your help. 
  • If you want to go out, ask her what goods need to be purchased, and do not forget to also buy.  
  • Tell her if you want to sleep or want to go out.  
  • To win a woman's heart, give her five hugs every day. Once every morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening and night. If you do not have the opportunity, find the time to spare a hug.  
  • Phone her during work and share something interesting, or just say 'I love you'.
  • Say 'I love you' at least once a day to win a woman's heart.
  • Help her to clean up the bed and the bedroom.  
  • Put clothes in the washing machine.  
  • Always check whether the rubbish bin is full and help clean out the trash. Then please place in a plastic bag over in the garbage bin.  
  • If you are on out station trips, call her, let her know you are safe and provide a phone number to that place.  
  • To win a woman's heart, wash the car that she drives.  
  • Clean yourself and wear perfume.
  • When she is angry with someone, support her. If you do not agree with her, it can be resolved later privately.
  • Always offer yourself to massage her back, neck and legs.  
  • Make hugging a habit and caress that is not intended for sex.  
  • Have patience if she wants to share with you. To win a woman's heart, focus on her, do not move your eyes on something else, or look elsewhere. 
  • Show your love with her even when in public.  
  • When you hold her hands, do not make your hands numb and paralyzed.  
  • To win a woman's heart, take note of food and drinks that she likes so you can tell her to take what she already likes.  
  • Recommend some good restaurants beforehand. Do not delay it until the last minute to decide where to eat.  
  • To win a woman's heart, take your time to go with her to places she likes to go, as long as that place is a good place or spiritually required.  
  • To win a woman's heart, spare some time when you can share together.  
  • Try to understand if she is late or suddenly wants to change clothes.  
  • Give more attention to her than anyone else when you're in public.  
  • Make her more important than your children. Let your children see that your wife is more important and set an example to them.  
  • To win a woman's heart, buy her small and cute gifts.  
  • Buy clothes for her. Make sure you know her size, color, fashion and style she likes. Or you can buy fabric to be sewn later.  
  • Take picture at times in crowded areas or in places that can to be memorable to win a woman's heart.
  • Spend time alone with her to do something romantic.  
  • To win a woman's heart, let her know that you carry her picture in your wallet  and replace it with new pictures when it's due.