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Comfort Fit Wedding Bands Are Perfect For Men

Friday, August 20, 2010

Men's wedding bands, especially for men who work in dirty jobs, need to be cleaned periodically in order to remove the soil and environmental agents that may dull the perfection of the ring and eventually destroy the ring itself. It is important to remove the things that can erode some of the softer metals and dull or tarnish other tungsten mens wedding ring components. Jewelers are able to clean men's wedding bands and handle the necessary renovation work such as checking the settings and replating gold or silver that has become worn or eroded. Polishing the surface of the men's wedding bands will remove minor flaws and imperfections. Cleaning: Most men can do the minor cleaning process on their wedding bands without contacting a jeweler. At home cleaning of men's wedding bands can be done by soaking the ring in a solution of warm water with a liquid soap.

However, some people prefer a ring with a snug comfort fit ring, which can be possible if the comfort fit ring is about a ¼ size smaller than the regular ring size. However, this works only for the tungsten mens wedding rings lesser than 8mm. For wedding bands more than 8mm, it is suggested to order at least ½ a size smaller than the ring size. Some wedding band models cannot be comfort-fitted because of the slim profiles and tension settings. In such instances the ring edges are always slightly rounded and smooth to avoid discomfort due to sharp angles. However, a semi comfort-fit can be altered into a true comfort fit upon request, although this might affect the sizing requirements.

In this way, the wedding band will always be in the best possible condition, regardless of the type of work that you do. Polishing: The need for polishing men's wedding bands on a regular basis will depend upo0n the type of metal that is selected for the body of the ring. A softer metal such as gold or silver will suffer more from the day to day nicks and dings that mar the surface. Some of these imperfections can be removed by the act of polishing the ring again. However, if you are in a profession where the metal of the ring will be under constant attack by the elements, you may want to choose a metal that is better able to withstand normal wear. Both titanium and tungsten carbide rings are much harder than gold. Tungsten rings have the added advantage of taking and holding a high polish so that the surface looks shiny for many years. Replating: Those who choose tungsten mens wedding bands with a plating of gold or silver may need to occasionally redo the process, especially if the base metal starts to show through the top layer. Your jeweler will be able to tell you whether that is the best route for you to take in keeping your wedding band looking its best.

The 6mm width also provides the wearer a certain level of comfort without having to disrupt daily activities which requires a lot of hand movements. These rings also have another unique feature of feeling solid and robust and not heavy enough to fatigue the finger. On the contrary, lighter rings feel cheap by comparison. Tungsten rings have also been recognized for its durability and toughness. The shine of the polished finish of the tungsten wedding rings will last much longer than any other metals found in today's jewelry market. Thus, making the 6mm tungsten rings perfect for men in terms of weight, durability and style. Of course, these unique properties are also extended to women looking for similar type of rings. There are also various sizes and design that cater for the modern women looking for that unique look and style.