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Getting Acne Problem

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Acne has many names and there are many factors that cause this problem. Testosterone and other such hormones are released. This causes the problem of acne. Not sleeping enough, taking too much stress over exams - these are some reasons why youngsters face this problem. Whiteheads or blackheads are consequences of not treating acne on time. Or else avoid black heads or whiteheads will occur on the face. Avoid using chemicals that can lead to problems.

Take proper precautions when purchasing soaps and lotions.

You should use soaps and face wash that are suited to your skin. Don't use any soap and face wash which is available in the market. Learn your skin type which can be oily, dry or normal and take all the cosmetics accordingly. While selecting face wash, go for the gentle or mild soap which is without fragrance.

Using a mild face wash is also a good solution. It is very easy to gather dust particles near pimple. Do not rub the face vigorously. Handling the pimple is only going to make it worse.

Use a mild suitable face wash Do not try to wash the pimple away. Don't wipe it harshly.

Do want to wipe your face vigorously. Do not use the same towel on a daily basis. Wash the towel daily. Never wipe your face very hard. Improve your dietary habits and have lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Hence, it is advisable to avoid oily foods when you are facing this problem. Combine it with lots of water consumption and at least seven hours of sleep.

While putting any medicine to acne use cotton or tissue as there are chances of infection. It is good for your skin if you consume these foodstuffs daily.

Ensure you sleep well for at least seven hours every day. If you apply medicine using your own hand or if you do not consider your skin type, chances are high that infection is only going to increase. Try eating less oil or fat free food. Trying home cures for acne is very common.

If you are having very severe problem like either your full face has acne or it is not going for more than a month then don't treat it at home. If the problem has covered your face or if it has lasted for more than a month, it is best to avoid home remedies.

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