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Learn 7 Powerful Techniques To Help Win Back Your Lover

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Learn 7 Powerful Techniques To Help Win Back Your Lover

Hello fellow love seekers,

You're probably on this page because your ex left you and you want the relationship back to where it once was. It doesn't really matter if it's your boyfriend or girlfriend that left, you just want back those good times and hope for the future. You want romance and that passion don’t you? You can (in most all cases) get your ex back as long as you pull the right strings at exactly the right times and go about it the correct way. Using the wrong techniques could 100% kill your chances at ever getting them back. You need to use the right approaches and strategies at the right time in order to win them back for good.

I hear a lot of people say all their concerned with is winning my ex back But they need to learn the strategies and tips in order to do it.

It just takes 3 simple steps, what to do, what not to do and when to do them. That's it! We human beings are all alike. We have certain buttons that need to get pushed in order for us to react. Once you've determined the right psychological triggers and buttons to push, you can begin the process of building the love again in your relationship.

Let's study some simple things that you must NEVER DO if you want any kind of life with your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend anytime soon.

Make a clean break. Translation: Do not try to email, twitter, facebook, call or contact your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend in any way. Sever all ties.

In today's modern world that means you cannot contact them on ANY social networking sites, or by cell phone or anything. I'm telling you, this type of stalking behavior will ruin any chances you might still have if you want them back in your life.

Make sure you keep your emotions in check and don't let yourself get too down about it.

Just know that people who are always down and out are not fun to be around. Figure out what type of person that your ex needs and wants to be with, then become that person to them. A depressed person is not fun to be around.

Stop making exuses for going out.

Too many girls and guys want to stay home and obsess over what went wrong in the relationship. In order to stay healthy and sane it's important to let go of the past with your ex and get out and engage in life, even (and most importantly) when you really don't feel like it.

Of course everybody wants to win back my ex boyfriend but they don't know the most effective ways to accomplish the task and win them back.

We've gone over things to avoid and covered that now let's move on to some practical things you should do to get your ex back.

Make sure to follow these 4 simple tips to getting your ex back right now!

Make yourself have more value.

The reason why your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend ditched the relationship and left you was because he or she didn’t see enough value in you as a person or what you had going on in your life. If you're a guy, one of the best ways to show value is let your ex see that you got a higher paying job and things are starting to happen for you.

You can keep in touch with them.

This is highly controversial because it has to appear very natural and not forced in any way. Your ex has to know that you are making little to no effort in trying to stay in touch. It must appear like it just happens by circumstance. This will play subtly in their minds by reminding your ex of all the good times you had and how much fun you had as a couple.

Lose some weight or gain some muscle.

Not only is it more healthy but it will make getting your ex back even easier. People love change, especially women. If a guy or girl is able to transform all the areas of their life, especially their looks, believe me your ex's head isn't going to be the only one turning. Shape up, build some muscle eat healthier and get some trendy clothes and watch what happens. Believe me, your ex will take notice.

Your ex should be the one that wants to stay in touch.

By making sure you put into action all the steps outlined in this article, you'll make yourself attract your ex back along with others as well. If you're in love with life and are happy and confident that alone will attract your ex back to you and keep them wondering. By doing this you also need to make sure your ex is the one who starts coming to you. If you have your life straightened around and you’re making big time changes physically, emotionally and spiritually with people of the opposite sex around you all the time, your ex will step up and take notice.

Winning back your ex is not some hard complicated thing.

It's my contention that getting your ex back is super easy if you play them the right way, like a puppet actually. Patience is key here. It's absolutely critical. Perhaps a lack of patience was one of the things your ex didn't like about you. By having patience your ex even notice that. Sometimes people just need a break and some time to come up for air and breathe. Remember be the person he or she wants to be with. By making them feel like nothing can defeat them and supporting them, they will want you to be in their life again and wallah, you'll be on the road to getting that deep love back again.


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