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Right Way to Pop Pimples

Thursday, September 2, 2010

If you want to remove pimples fast, you could just as easily pop they with your hand. You don’t need to use those overnight methods. One quick prick of your hand and the ooze comes out never to be seen again.

However, this isn’t always advisable. In fact, you might have more problems when popping pimples. Still, that doesn’t mean that you’re just going to let that pimple stay there. Although most don’t do this, there are some pimples that you could pop without any repercussions. However, there are ways to do this right. If not, then you might find the wound developing into a scar which would be harder to get rid of. Now, here are your options if you want to learn how to remove pimples.

Using a Needle

You can use a needle to rid pimples fast simply by pricking the top part. Make sure that you manage to sterilize the needles by wiping or dipping it in alcohol first. After pricking, gently push down on the base of the pimple. Allow the white ooze to come out when you press. Next up, you can use a clean towel for wiping off the white ooze. You can also use a tissue paper, whatever’s handy as long as it’s clean. A tiny amount of blood should follow after the white pus comes out. You can also squeeze out a small amount of this blood before patting the erupted pimple dry.

Just your Hand

If you don’t have a needle, then your hands will just be as effective. However, make sure that they’re clean first. Face a mirror and put your hands on the base of the pimple. When you push down the pimple should break and the pus push upward. Now, wipe it off with a clean towel or tissue. Blood should follow the white ooze and I recommend that you let some of them out.

Pimples Ready to Pop

If you want to learn how to remove pimples, you should first find out how to identify ripe pimples. Pimples should have those yellowish pumps on the center. This is the material that you want removed.

Leave the pimple alone if it doesn’t rupture automatically. This means that the zit is not ready and thus might leave a scar if forced. Try to remember that when popping unwilling pimples, you just might cause a scar. If so, you’ll notice that scars are much harder to get rid of.

If you have more than one pimple, don’t try to pop them all. Instead, consult a dermatologist or use other treatment methods like cleansers to get rid of them.