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Sea Fishing Tackle: Abu Garcia 6500 C3 CT Mag Reel Synopsis

Monday, September 20, 2010

Everyone knows that although I love all types of fishing, I believe sea fishing to be specially enjoyable and testing. There is something really invigorating about standing on a windy beach at the crack of dawn and making your first cast out past the breakers. Supreme! Because I'm always looking for the most recent sea fishing tackle, I search the tackle shops as well as the Internet for the most recent and best tackle. I want to tell you about a terrific piece of tackle I've recently purchased, the Abu Ambassadeur 5500 CS Rocket multiplier fishing reel.

Sea Fishing Tackle - Concerning Abu Garcia

This Swedish industry was brought into existence 1921 and commenced its life as a watch manufacturer. In the 1930s, Abu Garcia switched their concentration to good quality, effectively designed fishing reels and began a prosperous new stage in the organisation’s existence. The company's initial fishing reel, the Abu Record, made its introduction in 1941 and the Ambassador series came into existence in the early 1950s, followed by the Cardinal spinning fishing reel in 1965. Recognised worldwide for precision and skilfulness, Ambassador reels are appreciated for high quality and outstanding performance facets. The Ambassadeur 5500 CS Rocket multiplier is not an exception.

Sea Fishing Tackle - In Reference to the Ambassadeur 5500 CS Rocket Multiplier Fishing reel

The Ambassadeur series has been a really trendy one for Abu Garcia and comes with many top-of-the-line features, such as the really effective and smooth Carbon Matrix starwheel drag system. This system offers lots of command and resistance and without difficulty holds back even larger fish and stops them from running away with the line. Such reels furthermore have amazing, synchronised winding power, with lots of spool control, both mechanical as well as centrifugal. The result? A lot of over runs are avoided. The 5500 CS can handle up to 185yds of 15lb monofilament line and 205yds of 12lb line. The retrieval ratio is 5.3 to 1 and the fishing reel weighs in at 365 grams (12.4 ounces). Powerfully constructed, the 5500 CS is amongst the farthest casting levelwind reels in the Ambassadeur supply group.

Sea Fishing Tackle - Other Features of the Ambassadeur 5500 CS

The 5500 CS is designed with two free spinning rocket bearings. It has a multi-disc drag instrument together with the mechanical and centrifugal spool controls mentioned previously. The business recommends that only their exclusive Rocket oil be employed to grease the 2 stainless steel bearings. Having instantaneous anti-reverse plus precision stainless steel gears and also 2 added high precision corrosion defiant bearings, the fishing reel is reactive and sturdy. The 5500 CS has a line out alarm and is designed with a striking black and gold colour design. The Eversilk™ coated spool shaft provides both durability and effectiveness whilst the synchronised TIN coated levelwind system takes in the line consistently. Each fishing reel comes with both a power handle as well as a paddle grip handle. This fishing reel was produced for the worldwide sea fishing tackle market and I've identified it to be excellent for both saltwater as well as freshwater fishing.

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