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More Tips For Winning a Woman's Heart

Monday, July 19, 2010

Here are more tips discovered by man of wisdom to win a woman's heart.

  • To win a woman's heart, make sure that when she is  tired or angry, ask her what you can do and offer your help. 
  • If you want to go out, ask her what goods need to be purchased, and do not forget to also buy.  
  • Tell her if you want to sleep or want to go out.  
  • To win a woman's heart, give her five hugs every day. Once every morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening and night. If you do not have the opportunity, find the time to spare a hug.  
  • Phone her during work and share something interesting, or just say 'I love you'.
  • Say 'I love you' at least once a day to win a woman's heart.
  • Help her to clean up the bed and the bedroom.  
  • Put clothes in the washing machine.  
  • Always check whether the rubbish bin is full and help clean out the trash. Then please place in a plastic bag over in the garbage bin.  
  • If you are on out station trips, call her, let her know you are safe and provide a phone number to that place.  
  • To win a woman's heart, wash the car that she drives.  
  • Clean yourself and wear perfume.
  • When she is angry with someone, support her. If you do not agree with her, it can be resolved later privately.
  • Always offer yourself to massage her back, neck and legs.  
  • Make hugging a habit and caress that is not intended for sex.  
  • Have patience if she wants to share with you. To win a woman's heart, focus on her, do not move your eyes on something else, or look elsewhere. 
  • Show your love with her even when in public.  
  • When you hold her hands, do not make your hands numb and paralyzed.  
  • To win a woman's heart, take note of food and drinks that she likes so you can tell her to take what she already likes.  
  • Recommend some good restaurants beforehand. Do not delay it until the last minute to decide where to eat.  
  • To win a woman's heart, take your time to go with her to places she likes to go, as long as that place is a good place or spiritually required.  
  • To win a woman's heart, spare some time when you can share together.  
  • Try to understand if she is late or suddenly wants to change clothes.  
  • Give more attention to her than anyone else when you're in public.  
  • Make her more important than your children. Let your children see that your wife is more important and set an example to them.  
  • To win a woman's heart, buy her small and cute gifts.  
  • Buy clothes for her. Make sure you know her size, color, fashion and style she likes. Or you can buy fabric to be sewn later.  
  • Take picture at times in crowded areas or in places that can to be memorable to win a woman's heart.
  • Spend time alone with her to do something romantic.  
  • To win a woman's heart, let her know that you carry her picture in your wallet  and replace it with new pictures when it's due.