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Get Results with these Ab Workouts

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The following post is a guest article by Fred from

If you have been searching for a really effective ab workout, don't worry, you aren't all alone--this is something that lots of people struggle to locate. The truth is that there isn't just one exercise that will do everything for everybody. The real secret is to regularly workout your whole body using a variety of different exercises. However, there are some specific workouts that are great for your abs, and you should definitely include these if this is an area you want to target. Keep reading to learn about a few of them.

One of the best ab workouts you can do, especially for the lower abdominal area, are reverse crunches. Many people do regular crunches, and these can be good, but by themselves they won't necessarily get you the kind of toned look you want. No matter what workout routine you choose, reverse crunches are a great addition. With a normal crunch, your knees are on the floor but with the reverse crunch you hold them off of the ground in the bent position while you hold your hands behind your head. The goal is to get your knees and head as close together as you can mange without having to strain. You need to feel pressure in your abdominal region.

You could also use an ab roller if you'd like an inexpensive tool that will help you work your abs. These are small tools that you can easily transport and store. An ab roller is pretty much a wheel with handles. You just kneel in front of it, grab the handles and then roll it back and forth in front of you.

This motion, when done in repetition is great for the abdominal muscle area. It's not hard to find an ab roller to buy, they are sold in all sorts of stores and on the internet. If you want to buy a simple and inexpensive machine to use for exercise, this is a good choice.

Pilates exercises have proven to be good for your core, including your ab muscles which makes it a good option for ab workouts. Pilates is incredibly popular these days and you're more than likely to find classes in your area. Yet you can also do these exercises at home on a mat, with the help of an instructional video. Even though some Pilates exercises require special machines, most of them don't require any equipment at all. A lot of the exercises you do will be kind of like yoga and are meant to strengthen your core (the middle of your body). Lots of people who do Pilates find that, while they get fantastically toned abs from the exercise, it also helps them become more flexible and generally fit.

Ab workouts can take many different forms, though they all work on the same groups of muscles.

Aside from regularly exercising your abs, you need to make sure you do a fair amount of cardiovascular and resistance training to keep the rest of your body healthy as well. If you keep working and realize that it takes time to get real results, you can get a lot of benefit from doing the ab workouts we've talked about in this article. Try to make sure each workout is good and you'll get real improvement over time.