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Lead A More Content Life: How To Work On Self Improvement

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Most people would say they simply don't have enough time in the day to get the basics taken care of, let alone work on personal development; excuses, excuses! If you are serious about working toward the goals that will make you a better person, then make the time for it. There are many ways to etch more minutes out of your busy life and give yourself the means to become who you want to be, as the following article will show you.

Become a great listener. It can be challenging to sit through a detailed explanation of someone else's love life, family problems or career mess but in doing so, you lighten their load. Giving people a reliable place to unload their troubles makes you an invaluable part of their solution mechanism, and if you are truly a great listener, many answers to their problems will become obvious as they speak.

Be a good Samaritan. When the situation presents itself, stopping to lend a hand will absolutely change someone's day and boost your worth as well. Nearly everyone is in the position to help at least one person in the course of a day, be it giving directions to a lost tourists or a couple of quarters to somebody coming up short in the grocery line; need is all around us. Filling that need lifts someone else, as it keeps your feet humbly planted on the ground.

Donate material possessions to those less fortunate. Don't just toss your old jeans in a bag and drop them off at the door of a local homeless shelter, send them an anonymous check with a short note expressing great admiration for their efforts. Use your connections or work-perks to gain something of value for someone else, even a person with whom you have no real relationship. Christmas really doesn't have to come but once a year, for those who know the true value of giving.

After you have your long-term goals in front of you, figure out how to break these up into smaller, more manageable goals. For instance, if your overall goal is to become a better leader, think about what you could do in the next month to move toward this. Is there a volunteer committee at work that you could join? Does your child's school need someone to coordinate a school activity? By setting several smaller goals and then meeting them, you will remain focused on your larger goal.

Set your alarm an hour earlier. For the first few days, you might be a little groggy but once you adjust, you have sixty more minutes to catch up on neglected tasks, devote to an exercise routine, or quietly write your thoughts down in that journal you've been meaning to start. Once a week, you might even enjoy an hour of doing nothing other than pondering thoughts over morning tea or coffee.

Make a to-do list each day. List even the simple things like taking out trash or picking up milk and include at least one thing every day that gets you closer to your personal development goals. This list will give you a feeling of accomplishment and ensure that you are incorporating personal development into your daily life. Have a different kind of list for weekends and vacation time, with more tasks designated specifically toward becoming a better you.

By using the information provided in this article, you can get started on your personal development plans. While things may not always be easy, and you may have to adjust as time goes on, the end result will be worth it. You have the power to change your life!

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