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Parenting Advice For Defiant Teens From West Ridge Academy

Monday, August 6, 2012

How do you help a defiant teen when nothing seems to get through to them? Many parents before you have been there, in fact your own parents may have felt the same way, just don't give up on them.

Start by looking back at the time your kid thought the world of you as a way to rekindle your desire to help. Even then teens can forget those early years and become defiant for a time.

Teens that don't listen, do what they are told, or break both society and family rules have a problem with being defiant.

Most teens go through a stage where they challenge rules and boundaries to establish themselves.

Taking a stand to a certain extent is normal and healthy. Teens will test boundaries to determine the pecking order and how they will fit in. The awkward teen years are just that, awkward because they haven't learned how or where to fit in socially yet.

The differentiator is the length of time and consistency of the attitude of being defiant. Often your school or church offers basic counseling class as a starting point to help our teen understand boundaries. Sometimes a little more dramatic solution is required, like boarding schools.

Once a parent reaches their whit's end then the change of really getting through the teen or really helping them diminished drastically and they should consider outside help like boot camps or boarding schools. Sometimes these programs can be dangerous to the kid if the program is too extreme. So take care in choosing the program appropriate to your child's situation.

Contrary to what your teen might say, parents really want what is best for their kids in these situations, so it is important to understand and review the school or programs policies.

Educational institutions where the kids live on campus, and not returning home after school, are considered boarding schools. Disciple and respect are taught at boarding schools with rigid structure and accountability to the strict rules. Just like anything in life there is a wide range of quality when it comes to your selection of a boarding school.

An onsite visit by the parents is crucial in the decision making process according to West Ridge Academy.

Most of the programs today helping defiant teens have websites you can access. Always check references about the program. Often a program like this is your last resort so beware that your teen won't like you for it and often can take a change of heart on their part before they warm up to you again.

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