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Consistency - Why It Is The Golden Rule Of Parenting

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nearly everyone has their own parenting style, however most of the time it is a few styles rolled into one. But there some people who have a style which is dominant, and it has been officially recognized by studies done on parenting. Obviously, in an ideal world, a parent will become aware of how they behave and interact with their children. Then, any problems or negative behavior would be swapped with behavior that's a lot more positive. Well, that does take place with a percentage of parents, but we all know that does not happen across the board. All that can happen is people read the available information out there and apply it.

Indulgent parenting is one style that has been observed. It would be sufficient to say that somebody with this type of behavior is too laid back about things. These indulgent parents are rather complacent when it comes to engaging with their children. A lot of freedom is available to those children who live in this kind of way. When a child does something naughty the parent will be less likely to confront the child, and we know what this means. When a child knows full well that their parents will let them get away with anything, they will try to be rude and behave badly because they know that there will be no punishment.

A lot of parents believe that they are constantly telling their children off, as well as getting caught up in many arguments between children. It's important to be in the right mindset when the situation arises. But you must keep things in perspective, and try to be a good teacher to your children. Doing what a teacher or mentor would do in a certain situation is needed because you are teaching your kids after all. You show your children what they need to do and how they must do it, and when they're not too confident you install that missing confidence into them. Along the way, you need to give them positive feedback and a little help to keep them going. You should try to not pass any judgmental remarks, you don't want your child to feel unwelcome.

It's natural to want what's best for your children because you love them dearly. But remember that you need to practice as much as possible. Be careful that you do not set your children up by establishing impossible goals or expectations that are too high in an unhealthy way. There's a certain balance that you must find as a parent, which will be dictated by the abilities of your child. So you should try to assess your child, and you should also count on them doing wonderful things, but don't demand too much because you will pile on undue stress for your child. These are simply 3 separate parenting styles and they've been observed by professionals a number of times. But of course, parents are able to illustrate a number of attributes given to each style. But, as you have read, some of them would be exclusive of others would not be expected to exist together. A lot of the time, there are very clear differences that can be noticed easily.

A lot of these parenting recommendations will be helpful for you as well as for your children. Having said that, in case you really want to get the very best results it is strongly suggested to follow a full parenting system.

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