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How To Boost Your Vertical Leap - Using Diversity Through Training

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

There is a common belief that increasing vertical leap is not possible. Many athletes actually believe this. If that's what they choose to believe, then obviously they will never try to improve. You should never have this negative outlook. It is wrong to think in such a manner, especially in regard to what you can do. First, you have to believe that it can be done, and then you proceed from that positive belief and make it happen. If you want to impact your vertical leaping a positive way, there are several exercises that can help you achieve your goals.

Anybody that has done track and field in college or high school has probably heard of fast and slow twitch muscles at one time or another. Anyone that does sprinting will develop fast twitch muscles. On the other hand, long-distance runners develop slow twitch muscles. In regard to high vertical leaping, you need to develop fast twitch muscles in your calves and legs. As a general rule, you don't want to touch your back end to your calves when squatting with lighter weights. By doing this, you can actually overstrain your knees which is not good. You basically want to go down to about 60%, then come up to a standing position to complete one repetition. Each time that you spring up, make sure that you are in complete control. This will help you develop your fast twitch muscles. This type of jumping is fast and furious. Watch people do this type of jumping. You will see what we mean. With that in mind, you should realize that you should train your leg muscles for these types of movements. There are many methods for conditioning the legs for that type of energy burst. It is possible to train your muscles using lighter weights with high intensity squats on a regular basis. You can do high intensity short sprints. This will also replicate fast outputs of energy. By working your body and legs in this manner, you can develop the ability to explosively leap into the air anytime you want.

The body performing a high vertical leap is a sort of poetry in motion. And you have to train your body to act as one if you want to impress the crowd with your vertical leap. It is important that you train your arms to move a certain way. You need to train yourself to hold the ball and execute these motions while playing basketball. The upward momentum that you generate comes from exerting force with your arms, allowing you to overcome inertia very easily. With power and grace, you need to trust your arms up giving you the maximum energy necessary to go upward. All you need to do is practice regularly on the court. Doing so will improve your vertical leaps through this type of training.

In conclusion, you now have three ways that you can improve your vertical leaping exponentially. You can improve doing many other exercises and routines that you find along the way. By taking action, you can improve. This is the test that every person must go through. You will definitely jump higher, but only if you put the hard work in and take your training very seriously.

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