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The Five Most Brilliant Tips To See The Calgary Zoo

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Out of all the zoos in the nation the Calgary zoo is really worth checking out. There is so much to do. Not only can you see the animals, but there are rides to ride. Once you are done with rides and animals there are still things you can do.

Want to make this trip to the zoo even that much better? Try these 5 tips.

1. Bring a Friend! Friends make memories that much better. When you have someone to share the experience with that is awesome. Also, how boring would it be if afterward you had no one to talk to.

2. No friends? That is okay bring some family. Family if you have kids or cousins or parents that you can take to the zoo do it. Going with family is a great way to experience the awesome zoo. I would try to avoid any family tiffs if possible.

3. Find a few ways to save some money. Visit this here. You can check online for discounts and coupons, or you can call the Calgary zoo up and ask what they have.

4. Plan your trip on a day that is not real sunny. Most people go to the zoo when it is sunny. The animals are actually a lot more active in the rain. Plus there are a lot less people.

5. Go to the zoo right when it opens. If you get there too late you might not be able to see everything you want.

There you have it! Now, get a friend or family member and head to the zoo.