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Yes ! , A person Can Strengthen Your Speed And Agility With Ladder Workouts

Friday, July 26, 2013

Increase your agility and explosiveness by using ladder workouts. Practice ladder workouts 1-2 times per week and focus on performing the workout routines correctly. You could add more pace to the drills as you progress.

In lots of ways, quickness and agility are more critical than straight-ahead speed. A player seldom gets to maximum velocity during game competition. Having excellent change of direction speed (agility with explosiveness) lets you do better than your opponent "to the spot" or improve from mistakes in positioning.

How frequently have you found a player with "not great speed" consistently come up with plays to help the team win. This is not an accident. You can increase your "change of direction" speed with proper training. .
Additionally you can boost performance by improving your reaction time. You do this by training to really make the correct choices as fast as possible. It is possible to practice responding to sight or audio cues.