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Digital Children's Thermometer - DigiThermo by Just-Brill - Lightweight, Exact And Sturdy

Friday, January 17, 2014

If you are exactly like me then you never ever take your own temperature however when it concerns my infants or youngsters then I want to know when something goes wrong, particularly when the older ones are trying to play "truant" from school or the baby feels too hot or cold.

I 'd prefer to know for certain if something is awry. So I rely on getting a precise temperature reading as a initial step before letting them off school or calling the doctor. Carrying around an old style mercury thermometer isn't extremely useful, they are so easily broken and then you stress about possibly being poisoned by the mercury or cut by the glass, then there's the time they take just to get a reading, a few minutes wasted there, which isn't handy when you have a frantic way of life, particularly with kids who will just state they are feeling ill at the last minute!

I discovered a perfect solution to all these troubles on, by searching for a "digital baby ear thermometer", the "Digithermo" by Just-Brill. com, it has a nice expert feel to it, a digital display informs you the specific temperature of the infant or adult, i've even used it with the dog! It likewise keeps the last 9 readings taken which can be measured in either centigrade or �F

It has a full set of directions and in a well presented box with professional looking zipper pouch included, which is handy to keep in my pocket with no worry of it breaking and just takes a moment approximately to take the measurement, which was handy when using it on the dog, no more trying to force it to NOT sit down for a few minutes using the old type of thermometer in an uncomfortable location! I can now tell in an instant if anything is genuinely wrong.

As I previously stated I discovered this on by searching for a "digital baby ear thermometer", I'm a big fan of Amazon they have got stupendous shipping and they offer a very powerful return policy in case anything go wrong with the order.

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Take their temperature!
- Accurate temperature readings will inform you if anythings out of place
- Accurate to +/- 0.2 � C(0.4 �F ).-Range: 34 � C-44 � C (93.2 � F -111.2 �F)
.-Keeping a record of your temperature can help - You can remember your last 10 Readings.
- Quick readings - It just takes 1 second to take a reading
- Device beeps when the average temperature has been taken.

One Second Readings.
Getting a fast reading can help not annoy the "patient", particularly when their
sensation unwell, there's nothing more annoying than being poked and prodded when you are feeling.
under the weather.
- Soft Touch Scan Button - Less possibility of disturbing the baby.
- Temperature range either � C or � F.

Nothing Extra to buy.
- No end probe caps required.
- Simply wipe clean to use again, safe & hygienic.
- Has a Zipped case (see photos) for easy storage in a trouser pocket or purse.
- No Heated up end that can throw the reading out.

Easy Storage.
- Being just over the size of a credit card this unit is hassle-free, compact & easy to store.
- Weighs just 36g (inclusive of the battery.)
- Size = 114x35x40mm.
- Perfect for little ears!

Automatically shuts down.
- To preserve the battery life, the DigiThermo shuts down after 1 minute of inactivity.
- Roughly 4000 temperature readings per battery life - CR2032 cell used.

1 Year Assurance - If anything might fail, due to typical usage - just return for a full replacement.

To start keeping a record of your temperature just go back to the top of this page.
and click the "Add to Cart" Button.