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Jumping Rope-- A Great Way To Boost Your Stamina

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Everyone's definition of stamina is different. One person could define it as the ability to run a marathon while others could think it's the ability to last the day without feeling exhausted.

Endurance can be broken down into muscular, cardiovascular and mental components. So if you wish to develop your stamina, you will need to work on each of them.

Cardiovascular stamina: This is all about the ability to take in and transport oxygen to your muscles to keep them working. We require oxygen to do our activities so the more efficient you are on getting that oxygen to your body the longer you can do these activities.

Muscular stamina: This is the ability of a muscle to do continuous work over a long period of time. You have 2 primary types of muscle fibers in your body—slow twitch and fast twitch. Fast twitch fibers are fantastic for developing lots of force but fatigue very quickly. Slow twitch fibers on the other hand are not strong but are good at keeping on working for a long time. Therefore, slow twitch equates tostamina, while fast twitch equals strength.

To develop your muscle stamina, you have to challenge your muscles ability to work for extended time periods which means low exercise loads and extended exercise duration.

Mental stamina: Some could call it mental toughness, determination and concentration, still mental stamina is necessary in your stamina training. Sometimes you have to just will yourself on through the fatigue and discomfort to keep on keeping on!

Jumping is one of the best workouts you can choose for your stamina training. Jumping rope is easily accessible, easy to learn, needs concentration and works many major muscles simultaneously.

Although it could look simple, you will be surprised that with just a few jumps you will feel your legs burning and your heart pumping fast but do not stop, this is the time to exercise your mental stamina.

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