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Book on Natural Wellness with Nutrition Suggestions For Spanish Speaking.

Friday, August 22, 2014

If you are reading this you most likely, like me, wish to enhance your health and that of your family. As a teenager I struggled with colitis and quickly enough in my life I found out that my body required a holistic and natural approach to this issue.

I then immersed myself in more than 2 dozen books on Natural Wellness and Nutrition, some of which I found on Amazon, to discover what it was that my body needed to be healthy once more. It took me a while to figure it out but over the years the problem was gone.

As I finished my degree in Holistic Nutrition I thought I need to offer spanish speaking people, who did not wish to check out these 2 dozen books nor did they have the time, an easy useful book with all the information I found out to be important to start improving their total health with modifications in daily practices.

Understanding the health problems Latinos face today, I put in simple terms the wise words of physicians and nutritional experts who advise us on taking charge of our health by taking responsibility of the things we do to our body everyday. You will certainly discover this book easy to read and funny sometimes. It reminds us that we are the ones with the power to alter our circumstances and provides fundamental information for the newbie on natural health and nutrition, yet it might well serve Wellness Practitioners as a tool to interest their spanish speaking patients in the care of their body and enhance their total health.

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The Secrets to health, the Book LatinAmerica is speaking about. Over 5000 distributed in Mexico, Peru, Panama, Colombia and the United States.

In this useful guide the author mastered the information consisted of in over a dozen health books and summed it up in just 203 pages with the fundamentals to health and nutrition. The book intends to make us see how our health is actually in our hands and it is by our daily practices that we determine our health. Perfect gift for your spanish speaking buddy.

Take charge of your health. Learn what type of water you need to be drinking. Enhance your digestion enhancing your total health.

Grocery Store Pointers. Know where to discover what is healthy and nutritious.
Easy to read.
As seen on TELEVISION.