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Pleasant LED Night Light With Temperature Display and Responsive Colour Change

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I would hate getting up in the middle of the night and troubling my resting spouse accidentally by turning on the bright bedside lamp. The light would also awaken my child from her sleep too. Finally, when I stubbed my toe on 3 occasions trying to navigate my way to the washroom in the night without troubling my spouse and child, I chose to get an alternative night light. I was happy to find a reasonably priced LED night light that altered colors instantly depending on the bedroom temperature.

If you are a shrewd consumer like me, then I think you purchase inexpensive night bulbs that fail often - too often for comfort. Because investing generously hurts me, I have actually always bought my basics at either Target or the local supermarket. Needless to state, the bulbs provided a short-lived break however didn't last long. Thus, I chose to purchase a premium night lamp that would act as a reliable child night light in addition to a nightlight for adults.

Because I am a lasting fan (I like the instant shipment of their Kindle eBooks and the genuinely motivating money-back guarantee that makes sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase), I chose to acquire this excellent product. It transpired to be a remarkable choice since I got a first-rate night light with special functions. I was really pleased by Amazon's prompt follow up in guaranteeing that I got my order in time. The package showed up with useful ideas from MagicMil on proper upkeep (useful to me) and installation at convenient vantage points.

To top that off, MagicMil also offered some useful recommendations on ways to recharge the battery. The leaflet accompanying the bulb consisted of all the technical specifications.

Despite having mixed experiences with online purchases in the past, I was really exhilarated with this buying experience. If you like acquiring an LED night light, then I urge you to go ahead and click the link below to purchase this classy bulb now and experience for yourself its elegance and benefit. I am sure you will certainly be impressed. Do not forget to inform me of your thoughts!

Are you regularly stressed over the uncomfortable conditions in your young child's bedroom? Are you trying to find a softer child night light for regular night feedings and diaper changes? Relax! MagicMil's premium night light offers a fast solution. Taking a look at the innovative digital LCD display on this LED color light lets you know quickly whether your room or your children's room is too hot or too cold or completely ideal. The one-button switch activates 2 functions at the same time: enjoyable light and bedroom thermometer. The superlative ABS and Silicon bulb comes with a micro USB port and rechargeable battery.

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