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The Most Innovative DNA Test Offered. Using 41 Genetic Markers!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Do you have doubts about a relative genetic relationship? If so, you can immediately put those doubts to rest with the RSC DNA Test Kit. This kit is FDA approved and can be done in the personal privacy and comfort of your home. So, there's no need for you to go to a public laboratory and sustain the awkward stares of unfamiliar people.

To make sure full precision, The RSC DNA Test showcases a 41-marker genetic analysis as compared to the 16-markers made use of by other DNA tests. In addition, the personnel at Rapid Screenings Center (RSC) we perform the screening two times to make sure 99.98 % precision outcomes.

Understanding DNA Markers

A DNA Marker is a known place that can be made use of to determine cells.

RSC Laboratory makes use of multiple, known markers (or areas) in each of its DNA Tests to determine children's relationships. RSC DNA Test Kit enhances the quantity of these known markers supplying a more precise DNA Test.

Limitations of a Standard 16 Marker Test

Mutations in DNA and the vast variety of possible outcomes can produce scenarios where the outcomes are not constantly true. By analyzing the extra markers found in This RSC DNA Test Kit (41), we have successfully gotten rid of a large part of those inconclusive case results.

The Rapid DNA Test Kit is currently on sale on Amazon at a monstrous 60% price cut off the initial cost. Get yours today by clicking the following link. Add the Rapid DNA Test Kit to your shopping basket and put an end to your doubts at last.

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"Do You Need to know If You Are Connected By Genetics To Someone?".

Then You Need The RSC DNA Test Kit !!!

The kit actually has everything you need to determine any parental relationship, as well as the sample collection devices. While not utilized for legal proof, these tests are effective in offering comfort and personal understanding.

- We can respond to essential paternal questions. As simple as 1, 2, 3.
- First, Use the cheek swabs to gather the DNA Samples.
- Next, Place the swabs in the envelopes supplied. Please label each envelope with the proper name.
- Then mail swabs and order form to our laboratory. This information is supplied in the kit.

Your DNA Test Results Are Typically Available In 3-5 Days After We Get The Samples!

We are the only company to provide 41-marker genetic analysis in combination with our standard double-blind procedure on every DNA sample in every DNA case. More makers much better Results! Other business only provide 16 marker genetic analysis, and run the test 1 time. We run the screening two times to guarantee 99.98 % precision. We will email a copy of the results to you once they are available. If you would require a copy sent by mail to you easy call the customer service number 866-873-0879 it is supplied in your kit. This will allow you to receive your outcomes Quick.
Get Comfort Understanding That Our Laboratory Solutions Are Full Accredited.

- Our Service carries out 1000's of test per year.
- You Have the Ability to Change to a Legal DNA test too. Just Call!
- All Upgraded screening comes with a $50 Upgrade discount coupon!

Results are Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

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