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How to Strengthen Marriage After Baby Arrives: Tips for Wives

Friday, September 26, 2014

Taking care of a child, managing tasks at home, and keeping a job or career can make it impossible to give time for your husband. This is the time when differences arise and start to impair a good martial relationship. But exerting some effort can help bring back the warmth and strengthen your relationship with your partner. Here are some tips that can help both of you bond well with each other even after having a new addition to your family:

1. Bear in mind that both of you are facing obstacles in your parenthood. While motherhood is physically and emotionally challenging, fatherhood increases your partner's responsibility to provide for the family. In most cases, it's communication gap that could lead in misunderstandings that might lead to unnecessary fights and arguments. So it is important to talk to your other half about the difficulties each of you is facing, what both of you feel, then figure out solutions together.

2. Taking care and raising an infant not an easy thing to do. Make sure that your man understands this and helps you do chores at home which were your sole responsibility before you had a baby. To make things a lot easier, you should help each other and share responsibilities. This relaxes both the body and the mind and also helps strengthen your marital bond.

3. Both you and your hubby may have different ways to dealing with your baby. You may be sort of strict with your infant's sleeping time, diet, and other habits, but your man may less worried or show leniency about these matters and may simply focus on what makes the little one happy. Do not let such difference in opinion trigger quarrels. It's essential to respect each other's parenting style. Instead of constantly opposing your spouse, it's better to let him deal with his own decisions. For example, if he lets your baby sleep at irregular hours, make sure that you and your partner that he'll be the one to take care of your baby if he or she wakes up at midnight or stays up until dawn.

4. After the birth of a child, having a special time with your spouse becomes tough. But don't forget that romance, time, and intimacy are a very essential part of a happy married life. So even if you may have hard times getting intimate now that you have a baby, you could at least stay connected through lots of hugs and kisses to keep the romance alive.

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