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Discover How Fish Oil With High Concentrations Of EPA And DHA Are Most Effective

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

If you're anything like me you would never give the concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids in your fish oil a second thought, but all I can say is boy, was I ever wrong (it's true, keep reading and I will explain).

In the past, I typically went to a warehouse store and acquired whatever fish oil they carried on sale. In the end, they truly didn't really do anything to help me feel better.

One day, I was at my Crossfit gym and one of the gym leaders suggested that I take fish oil with high concentrations of Omega 3 fatty acids. I was having soreness in my joints and he pointed out that omega 3 fish oil has actually been proven to promote joint wellness. He likewise said that fish oil with high concentrations of Omega 3 fatty acids (called EPA and DHA) would actually improve my athletic performance. I found that if I went to any of the warehouse stores to acquire fish oil they didn't have any bottles that had high concentrations of EPA and DHA. When I went to my near by health food store, I could not believe what they charged for high quality omega 3 fish oil.

Because I am a huge fan of Amazon (love the rapid shipping plus they have a really great money-back guarantee that ensures you are completely pleased with your purchase), I decided I would give them a try, and wow did it end up being an excellent decision. I was able to buy fish oil with high concentrations of EPA and DHA for an excellent price, but what truly impressed me most was the amazing follow-up they had ensuring that I got my item and I was completely pleased.

When I started to take the higher quality fish oil, I promptly found that the discomfort in my joints was lessened, and my athletic performance in fact improved! A side benefit is that because of the enteric covering I didn't have any of the 'fishy' aftertaste or 'fishy' burps that I typically experience when I take other fish oils.

I have to inform you, in the past I have never ever been impressed with the effectiveness of the supplements that I have taken, but I have never ever been as pleased and satisfied as I have been with my purchase of NorthSea Nutrition omega 3 fish oil from Amazon. I encourage you to click on the link below to buy yours now and see for yourself. If you decide to try this out, kindly let me know your thoughts. I am sure you will be much more than impressed!

Get yours now at 3 fish oil/



Studies have found that NorthSea Nutrition Omega 3 benefits include
- INCREASE IN ATHLETIC EFFICIENCY - Athletes require the pure levels of Omega 3 fatty acids that are proven to be in NorthSea Nutrition Omega 3 fish oil supplement

- PROMOTES OVERALL HEALTH - Helps support healthy heart, brain, joints, vision, skin, and vascular wellness. May lower the threat of heart disease *.

- SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: Backed by physicians as, "The single most vital supplement you can take".

- ADVANCED MOLECULAR DISTILLATION - assures phenomenal purity and potency. Third party checked and certified Mercury, Dioxins, PCBs, and contaminants.

- INCLUDES 180 SOFTGELS PER BOTTLE - Each serving contains 1,500 mg of Pharmaceutical-grade Fish Oil with highly concentrated Omega-3s (800 mg EPA, 600 mg DHA, and 100 mg of other essential fatty acids).

- BETTER ABSORPTION & PREVENTION OF FISHY AFTERTASTE - Our omega 3 fish oil Softgels have an enteric covering to enhance absorption of the essential fatty acids and to prevent fishy aftertaste.

- SATISFACTION ENSURED - 100 % Satisfaction guaranteed. If you are unhappy with NorthSea Nutrition Omega 3 Fish Oil for any reason, just return the item for a total refund!