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My Holistix Organic Cotton Baby Bodysuit - Wonderfully Comfy, Durable, and Safe for Children

Sunday, October 5, 2014

I love babies, and I think they deserve the very best we can give them to get them off to a healthy and comfortable start. A couple of months ago I went looking for baby clothing for my pregnant sister. I was totally dissatisfied with the options- mainly made in China, not all that soft, and practically nothing organic- till I finally found the perfect organic baby one-piece.

If you're like me, you choose the highest quality when it comes to children. You understand that organics are important for babies since they have a tougher time with the chemicals used in the majority of clothes. Yet shopping at both low-cost shops and fancy department stores, I could not find exactly what I wanted. So I turned to my old standby-

Shopping on Amazon is very simple and convenient, partly because they have a terrific no-hassle refund policy. You don't even have to pay for shipping on returns! Plus, with all the customer reviews, you can see if something is worth buying. As soon as I looked, I immediately wished I'd started my search there, and that was just the start!

Not only did I discover the best 100% organic cotton romper (that felt so soft I almost rubbed it all over my head), but the seller offered a sixty-day money-back return period- 30 more days than Amazon itself! They also followed up with me through email to make certain I was satisfied with my purchase. They also gave some excellent tips for using the onesie and for getting the lengthiest life out of it. (I understand, it seems obvious, but my sister was grateful for the advice when I passed it along).

Perhaps I was just searching in the wrong places before, but I've never seen this level of quality and service, and for such a low-cost product! If you're having a baby anytime soon, or are in need of a present for a loved one who is, I greatly recommend that you click the button below to order a baby Bodysuit from My Holistix. When you choose to try it out, let me hear what you think - I am certain you'll be impressed!

Click to get this organic baby clothes product now

Give the Newborn You Adore the Very Best Start Possible!

This Super Soft Certified Organic Bodysuit Will Keep Your Baby Cozy and Safe, and Your Mind At Ease.
- Enjoy the brand-new baby gracing your life without fretting about faulty or toxic clothes.
- Conventional clothing contains residues of chemicals utilized in manufacturing procedures that can be taken in through your baby's delicate skin.
- Lots of organic alternatives are incorrectly sized or cheaply made, wearing and tearing after just a few cleanings. The My Holistix newborn Bodysuit is guaranteed to fit and made with care to last.

We Have You (and Your Baby) Covered!

We are a small US-based business started by a holistic health professional.
* We are devoted not just to taking excellent care of our customers, but to making the world a happier, healthier place to live.

- We utilize the highest quality raw materials and workmanship.
- Our Premium Certified Organic Bodysuit is made from incredibly soft, 100% Organic, combed, ringspun Cotton.
- Certified by the International Working Group on Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS); THE worldwide authority on organic clothing standards.
- Soft, durable, and made in a dedicated organic facility.
- We assure this garment will fit your baby in the indicated age range.
- The pleasant neutral color is excellent for boys and girls, and you will not have colors running from cheap decorations.

Our company knows you have cheaper alternatives, but that's not what we're about.
* We're about quality, service, and benefiting families. If you want the very best in comfort and safety for the child in your life, we invite you to shop with us. It's all about the Love!

To make sure you're pleased with your purchase, we provide a 60-Day no-hassle refund Warranty.