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Curing IT Syndrome Through A Foam Roller

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Iliotibial band, or IT, syndrome is a common knee injury that occurs in many runners, cyclists, hikers, weight-lifters and any athlete. Those that experience IT syndrome know that the soreness it triggers can make doing their favorite hobby a chore at best and completely impossible at its worst.

A combination of preventative workouts as well as foam rolling procedures has been proven helpful in protecting practitioners from IT syndrome and healing those that it has happened in.

Leta Shy of published a foam rolling exercise that those ITBS patients should know. She suggests starting by lying on the body's side ( just like a plank) on a yoga mat placed on the floor, then positioning the roller outside of the thigh a tad below the hip.

Those interested in obtaining a foam roller to treat the pain or just protect against ITBS can find rumble rollers at reliable vendors like Amazon as well as Elite Trend HQ. As part of a regular, preventative routine, a foam roller can be a good way to cope with IT syndrome or stop it from ever occurring.