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Launch - Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 50% Off for limited time!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I came across Matcha Green Powdered Tea in Amazon following an accident where I nearly lost my leg. On doctors suggestion I was diligently looking for all-natural foods or supplements with huge doses of anti-oxidants, however I quickly found that Matcha Tea gave me so considerably more.

I am a skeptic at heart and not a person for supplements at all. Well! this organic green powdered tea gave me so considerably much more.

It helped enormously with the anxiety I was suffering and gave me clarity of mind and concentration. After weeks of sitting around not permitted to walk I had piled on the pounds but following 3 or four cups a day and adding Matcha to smoothies and lattes I noticed becoming trimmer.

The threat of infection was huge, but I happily by-passed all that. And most importantly for me - the healing seemed considerably accelerated. Definitely the nurses were most impressed and could not believe how well the injury looked and how fast it healed. Needless to say I am undoubtedly a convert as the evidence for me was undeniable.
Try this incredible tea for yourself by clicking the link below. It will take you direct to Amazon US and they ship globally

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Matcha Me! one hundred% PURE ORGANIC GREEN TEA IS THE LEAN GREEN Power Providing CALM MACHINE - Is this the worlds healthiest tea that the Japanese have known about for centuries? Matcha Green Powdered Tea was found in China more than 1000 years ago and exported by the Zen Buddhist Monks to Japan quickly after to assist with meditation. So we searched, we sourced, we scoured, to locate the greatest tasting, most nutritious Green Matcha Tea in the world! Matcha-Me! Is proud to have attained Organic status in the US and the EU. It has been a long journey but Matcha Tea has been maintaining our power up and focus unshakable : )
L-Theanine* This Amino Acid has been considerably studied for properties that may link to Stress Relief, Concentration and Weight Loss. Nonetheless most analysis is in the area of Stress relief - L-theanine is mostly identified in Green Tea (and mushrooms but hey, we are green tea geeks right here!).
EGCG* (Catechins) Studies for this are on going around the world with many focussing on weight-loss with favorable benefits published in 'Journal of Nutrition' 2009. Yep, Green Matcha Tea is a big supply of EGCG.
Around 137% the Antioxidants* of typical green tea - To help maintain you younger inside and out : ) Orac Worth is 1348/p/gm larger than Goji Berries and touted super foods! 9% the Beta Carotene* of Spinach - Happy Days : 70% A lot more Antioxidant*s than Orange Juice and with none of the calories and sugar - Good Times.
Instructions: Never Boil the water it needs to be just beneath boiling point about 80C/ 180F Pre-warm your cup Use ½ teaspoon or to taste in cup Add a tiny bit of the hot water and mix or whisk to a paste then add water. Sit back and enjoy.
We adore it with some ginger and a squeeze of lemon. Make with cold water and blend with ice for hot summer season days. NEW: Try adding Matcha to stocks for soups to give your cooking savory base notes - The Umami Taste