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Outstanding Price -Set of 3 Resistance Bands Includes Bonus Door Anchor and Beginner Exercise Guide

Sunday, December 14, 2014

I'm certain you're exceptionally busy like me and can't ever get adequate time in the day to make it to the fitness center for a suitable workout. If by some miracle, I in fact make it to the fitness center, I discover that I need to wait to share equipment that everyone else is already utilizing.

I would truthfully love to be able to exercise from my house however unfortunately, I don't have room for heavy, bulky exercise devices and am tired of spending hundreds or even countless dollars on expensive fitness center memberships and pricey equipment.

Well, I just recently did a fair bit of fact-finding; I checked out countless fitness books, posts and blog sites, talked with close friends as well as a personal trainer. At last, I can gladly state that I found a solution that allows me to exercise not just from my house or work but I can also bring the fitness center with me anywhere I go, even when I'm short on time!

So exactly what's the solution you ask? Resistance Bands! Yes, resistance bands. They go by numerous names, Exercise Bands, Resistance Bands, Workout Bands, Stretch Bands, Fitness Bands, Thera-Bands, etc. Just search online and you will certainly see they're all the rage right now and for a very good reason!

I'm sure you're asking, Exactly what can resistance bands do for me? Well, I'll share exactly what I found in my investigation with you and you'll quickly see that they are the ideal solution. The following are some reasons why resistance bands are my go-to exercise of choice.

- Offer a complete body exercise to enhance and tone muscles. You don't simply burn fat but you also develop and preserve lean muscle mass with a safe and reliable workout.

- Offer a variety of workouts. Simply alter body positions, your grip or utilize a door anchor to target various muscles and alter resistance levels. With weights, you're commonly restricted about how many exercises you can do. However, resistance bands enable you to alter your positioning in several ways. This changes how your body works and how an exercise feels.

- Use up little area so you can quickly pack them in your travel suitcase for travel and do workouts at work, in your workplace or hotel room.

- Perfect for all fitness levels. Depending on how you utilize them, these bands can be fantastic for newbies in addition to advanced exercisers and for rehab treatments.

- Enhance coordination and balance by providing continuous tension through the entire range of motion of an exercise, forcing you to use more muscle groups and core muscles to help stabilize your body.

- Health care Professionals, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and Personal Trainers utilize Resistance Bands to help their patients develop strength, coordination & balance.

- They are perfect for use in a few of the newest and trendiest exercise regimens including however not restricted to strength conditioning, P90X, CrossFit, Insanity, Less Mills, Beachbody, Slimin6, Jillian Michael's Body Revolution, TurboJam, Cardio, Yoga, Pilates or Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

- Can likewise be ideal as a present and excellent for anybody from newbies to more advanced athletes to busy executives, parents, students, seniors, travelers, military, clients, and so on

- Most importantly, they're low-cost! Individual bands or sets can differ in price, depending on the number of bands you get, exactly what else comes with them and where you purchase them. Generally they are a lot more budget-friendly than barbells and other fitness equipment. Making resistance bands an exceptional value.

After all my research I found an outstanding set online and what was really cool is that I got it on Amazon for cheaper than I saw in any brick and mortar retail establishments. I'm a huge Amazon fan; they have quick shipping and an excellent return policy in case something goes wrong.

Here's a little bit more details on the item I got for myself. If you are serious about getting a quality resistance band set, then I highly recommend the following set from FitWellYou.

Get FIT! Live WELL! Be YOU!

FitWellYou manufactures top quality exercise equipment developed to provide an extremely effective workout in the privacy and convenience of your house, workplace, hotel room or anywhere YOU go.

Each 5 Piece FitWellYou Resistance Band Set Consists of:

-1 Yellow "Light" around 10 lb Resistance Band
-1 Red "Medium" around 13 lb Resistance Band
-1 Blue "Heavy" around 16 lb Resistance Band
-1 Premium Door Anchor
-1 Beginner Exercise Guide

Each Band measures around 5 feet long x 0.4 feet wide
-(Precise imperial measurements: 59 inches long x 4.72 inches wide).
-(Precise metric measurements: 150 cm long x 12 cm wide).

All FitWellYou items are developed to last and have a No-Hassle, 100 % LIFE TIME WARRANTY.

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