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HeartQ Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), Sports Watch, Activity Tracker, Stopwatch & More

Thursday, January 15, 2015

I have owned quite a handful of heart rate monitors over the years, so my expectations were not all that excellent, specially at this affordable price. But... I was much more than pleasantly amazed. The good quality of the watch itself is much greater than the Timex or other brands I have owned. It is strong without being bulky and it is sized just right for my arm. By the way, I am a female, only about 5'3" and a lightweight, so the fact that it didn't look big on my arm was a huge benefit. My husband has worn it as well, and it appears excellent on his arm.

The functionality is as excellent as anything I have used in the past, but possibly much more so. The buttons on the watch are a lot simpler to manipulate than the Ironman or Polar watches that I have owned and the heart rate or time that you can show on the face is large enough for me to see while running.

As a swimmer, I need a watch that I can wear for about 90 minutes without having it becoming uncomfortable and this functions excellent. I have gone running and swimming a dozen times or more with this on, and its sturdy yet lightweight feel is just correct. Any triathlete would appreciate this, I'm confident.

The color is a metallic orange, and being a San Francisco Giants fan, that is just fine with me. I really like it and couldn't be happier!

HeartQ Heart Rate Monitor
HeartQ heart rate monitor gives worthwhile information so you can workout smarter. It is straightforward and intuitive to use so you can get a swift start. It is excellent for anyone who want to handle their workout intensity and calorie during physical exercise.

Exercise Intelligence
HeartQ provides much more data than simple fitness watches so that you get the most out of your workout. Armed with real-time information you can adjust the intensity of your workout to remain inside target zones and achieve your highest potential.

Accurate Calorie Burn
A lot more than just a heart monitor, HeartQ will accurately calculate and show the calories you are burning so you can track it throughout a workout or throughout the day.

Find out How To Reach Your Fitness Ambitions
You should not have to guess. Am I undertaking this correctly? Should I push harder? For how long? Place science on your side and use real time data to tell you how to push your self to your max potential without going too far.

Essential Features
- 3 Selectable Heart Rate Zones
- Calories-Burned Counter
- Activity Tracker
- Chronograph
- In-Zone Timer
- Age/Gender/Weight Settings for Precise Measurements
- Upper/Lower Target Heart Rate (THR) Zone Alarm
- Max / Avg Heart Rate Display
- Effortless Navigation
- Physical exercise Information Recall
- Audio/Visual Alarms
- Time and Date Display
- Stop Watch / Timer
- EL Backlight for at-a-glance monitoring

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