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Gentle Breezes Essential Oil Diffuser - Modern Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Revitalizes your House or Office for 7+ Hours

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The all-new Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser from Gentle Breezes™ works by using Ultrasonic oscillation to turn essential oils and standard water into a pleasant aura mist retaining the health effects that help make you feel relaxed, respire significantly better and also sleep a lot easier.

The Aroma Diffuser can easily revitalize the air for seven hours continuously and also relieves sinus inflammation, dry cough, signs and symptoms of the flu as well as dry skin. Cherish the aromatic pleasure with no anxiety. The Safe Automatic Shut-Off feature kicks in when water runs out so that you can even put it to use while you rest and sleep!

The most current water cover retainer model utilizes the industry's best and newest technology to create a safe, microscopic cool mist which allows all sorts of essential oil aromas to permeate the surroundings for increased durations. The unit takes 120ml of water and without any worries shuts off completely on its own in case the water level is at a minimum.

The Gentle Breezes Essential Oil Diffuser is 100% BPA free and also environmentally friendly. The ultrasonic diffuser is versatile as well as simple to operate making it convenient to create any fragrance from your selection of essential oil(s) anywhere you go. Utilizing Ultrasonic innovation, the Gentle Breezes Ultrasonic Diffuser changes the mix of water and oils into a more fine scented fresh mist that escapes by means of the new built water retainer into the air. The Gentle Breezes Ultrasonic Diffuser will work continually for 7 hours if not more which makes it one of the most impressive aromatherapy diffusers to use in the convenience of your residence as well as business.

The Gentle Breezes Diffuser is able to diffuse tap water combined with any kind of Essential Citrus Oils. By wiping the inside as well as ceramic disc with a wash cloth or cotton swab makes the diffuser suitable for continuous citrus oil use.

The Ultrasonic Diffuser comes with a Manufacturer Spare Parts Guarantee for 1 year alongside a practical and informational BONUS EBOOK with Essential Oil Recipes and Blending together advise for your Ultrasonic Diffuser.

Your very own complimentary bonus eBook to be used with your personal Ultrasonic Diffuser consists of a number of amazing recipes for example Wellness & Beauty Care recipes, tranquil Ambiance & Relaxing recipes, Sensual & Passionate recipes and many extra. Great for first-timers along with the more advanced.

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The Gentle Breezes™ Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser comes with a new water retainer model that generates even more fragrance mist and creates a longer aromatherapy session.