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Tips For Winning A Woman's Heart

Friday, July 16, 2010

Here are some tips on how you can win your woman’s heart. Its knowledge discovered by wise men after reviewing what women prefer.

  • When you're at home, seek her out first before you do anything else and hug her. 
  • Ask her specific questions so that you know what she has planned to do today. 
  • Practice listening and ask questions to win a woman's heart. 
  • Brace yourself to solve her problems, but understand the nature of her situation and show that you care. 
  • To win a woman's heart, give her the real attention she asked for without waiting  half an hour each day. 
  • Surprise her with gifts at any time, especially so on dates or a meaningful celebration. 
  • Plan ahead several days before with her. To win a woman's heart, do not wait until Friday night and asked what to do. 
  • If on one night, she felt tired or is too busy to cook, offer to cook to win a woman's heart. 
  • Always praise her in terms of beauty, elegance, appearance etc. 
  • Acknowledge her feelings when she feels angry. 
  • Offer assistance to her when she feels tired and exhausted. 
  • Remind her of any scheduled trip much earlier so that she does not panic in preparation to win a woman's heart.
  • If you are late, do not forget to call her and tell her about it. 
  • If she wants your support by asking about something, say so or not. To win a woman's heart, do not make her feel guilty to ask. 
  • When her feelings are hurt, give her your sympathy and emphatise with her. Then be silent and allow her to feel that you understand that she was offended. To win a woman's heart, do not try to explain why you think it’s not her fault. 
  • If you need time alone due to some unavoidable problems, tell her that you need some time to sort things out.
  •  If your uneasy feelings have subsided after an argument, inform her politely that it was due to her but then you do not blame her. To win a woman's heart, she needs to know otherwise she may think differently. 
  • When the weather is cold, it is best to close the distance yourself and let the heat of your body keep her warm. 
  • At the time she wants to talk to you, close the book, magazine, newspaper or whatever you are reading, and close the TV. Give your full attention to win a woman's heart.
  •   If she often washes the dishes, occasionally assist her, especially if she is tired.