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Parenting Book Brings Unique American Indian Concepts to Bringing Up Children

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting is the most incredible book on parenting that I have ever read. It gets to the heart of parenting to help parents see what their role as stewards is really all about. I have never encountered a book that brings such vision to parenting. Even though it was published in 2004, the ideas in the book are way ahead of their their time.

The book is different from other parenting books out there in that it combines little known secrets from the Native American culture with cutting edge psychology to teach parents how to raise children to be an authentic expression of their strengths and talents. This is way of parenting that deepens the parent-child bond and makes the parent an integral part of the child's road to discovering who he is and what he has to give to society. In a world in which some fear we are on the brink of destruction, raising children to bring their strengths to the table is not only smart, it gives parents a visionary role in which the child becomes the disciple of the parent until he is ready to strike out on his own and make his way in the world.

This is a beautiful parenting book that will inspire and inform your parenting skills and help you raise a motivated child who will do good things in the world. No matter what your culture or beliefs, every parent should read this book. As this parenting book reminds us, we are all keepers of the children and we must graciously accept our role in order to raise a generation of children who can make a marked difference in society. The book is used on tribes and in parent education programs around the world.

"Keepers of the Children" (subtitle: Native American Wisdom and Parenting) uses little known Native American secrets to teach parents how to raise children to use their strengths to create lives of meaning and bring their talents to the table as grown ups. By raising children to discover what they love to do, parents connect more authentically with their children. By teaching children the secrets of genuine fulfillment, kids grow up to lead meaningful lives and will cherish their parents for this gift. This creates the foundation for a parent-child relationship based on love and mutual respect.

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