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These Waterproof Baby Bibs Will Make Your Life Easier

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Deciding on baby bibs could look like a modest point in your lengthy list of tasks as a busy parent but believe me, it is the modest issues that make all the difference.

After wasting a lot of time and cash on poorly developed bibs you can envision my excitement when I finally found 1 set of bibs that had every thing I was hunting for. In fact, I adore these bibs so much, I want to share my discovery with other Moms in the hope that it will spare you the same aggravation.

Prior to coming across Maxy Moo Moo waterproof baby bibs, I was constantly changing my baby's clothing. He is a drooler, so ordinary cloth bibs barely lasted five minutes prior to being completely soaked through, leaving his clothes wet and smelly.

Unlike other bibs offered, these bibs actually work. The waterproof layer is hidden between the two terry cloth outer layers, which is excellent since the bibs are genuinely absorbent and there is no exposed plastic to stick to your baby's skin or possibly tear off and turn out to be a choking hazard.

They come in a excellent range of solid colors (including two white), so it is never ever a problem finding one to compliment his numerous assorted outfits. They are a generous size so they give good coverage and they don't have some tacky design on the front.

But probably my favorite feature is the snap closures. My son is five months old but due to the fact of the fit about the neck can be varied, I can see these bibs fitting him well beyond 12 months. How many bibs provide that sort of longevity? They are a breeze to wash and I never have to be concerned about velcro damaging the rest of my laundry.

Perhaps it is just because I've had such bad luck with bibs in the previous but I have honestly never ever been so pleased with a purchase like this before, so if you're hunting for a waterproof baby bib, then I encourage you to click on the hyperlink below and see for yourself. If you decide to attempt them out, let me know. I'm confident you will not be disappointed.

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Ten pack of baby bibs featuring a waterproof inner layer between two soft, absorbent terry cloth outer layers Two-position snap fasteners - for a silent, scratch-free (no velcro), adjustable size Bonus gift box - excellent for baby showers Free digital guide: wholesome infant food recipes and a Lifetime "baby-proof" guarantee.