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Makeup For Beginners

Monday, December 2, 2013

The main thing all teenage girls worry about is fitting in. This is not limited to looking good and being in style. Makeup is one area that can set them apart in a good way or a negative way. Few moms really know much about makeup and can't afford hiring an expert to teach the required techniques. This is where this video and book can help. This video is about learning the right way to apply makeup and take proper care of your skin. It covers basic makeup application for beginners and goes into more advanced makeup techniques. The book covers everything a beginner needs to know. It includes a easy and super fast look for school and work as well as a more detailed look for prom or black tie events. The book includes 30 video cuts showing every step of the makeup process. The video segments take you from just reading about makeup to actually taking part in the process. You have a professional makeup artist next to you as you learn. You can replay the video segments as many time as you need to learn the techniques.