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Why You Should Start Planning Your Estate

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Perhaps the most significant error in estate planning is not making any plan at all. If you have excelled at managing your funds and properties throughout your life, you surely would want to make a decision on how they are going to be apportioned when you die. Thus, you ought to make crucial plans for your estate.

Many people believe that estate planning is solely for the exceptionally rich individuals. Regardless of how huge or little your estate is, all of your properties including motor vehicles, savings account, household items, appliances and life insurance plan are all parts of your estate. And if you want to ensure that your hard earned assets will go the individuals who are important to you, then you need estate planning. It entails writing a Will and naming an executor or someone who will be in-charge of carrying out the provisions of the Will. Another aspect of estate planning is creating a trust account. Below are a few of the many benefits of planning your estate.

1. Make sure that there is somebody you can trust who will care for your children the moment you die. Otherwise, the court can decide on that matter for you.

2. Plan how you want your assets to be apportioned and what you intend to provide to your better half, kids, other members of your family or to other people or groups you choose.

3. Prepare your assets to pay the minimum amount of taxes required. A good estate plan can lessen or avoid several taxes including estate taxes, capital gains taxes and income taxes.

4. Decide who will handle your affairs should you become unfit to handle them yourself.

5. Relieve your mourning family members of the trouble and stress associated with arranging your funeral. You can prepare for your own funeral ahead of time.

6. See to it that your assets are distributed on time and relieve your family from the trouble of needing to deal with the costly and complex procedure of probate.

7. Lessen the expenses associated with closing out your estate and transferring all your assets to your rightful heirs.

8. Work out your medical and financial affairs in advance should you become incapacitated.

9. Secure your assets from creditors, lawsuits, divorce and other claims.

10. Ensure that inexperienced beneficiaries will use their inheritance wisely like making
great financial investments, buying a good property, getting a good education or getting a safe car.

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