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A No Show Sock For Kids & Teens And Smaller Feet That Really Can't Be Seen

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Check this out at show socks for teenagers/

I would just like to write a quick evaluation for Jay's Barely There Socks Petite Range which are a new range of no show socks. I dislike not wearing socks and love to use socks like these under my shoes for work. The trouble is that I am a size 4 and the majority of these kind of socks on the market are too big and they show from outside of my shoes which kind of defeats the point of using no show socks.

However to all you fellow friends with small feet check out Jays Barely Socks as they truly do not show. They have a cute silicone grip on the heel so they stay on well too so no slipping off the foot. I also love them as they have a high cotton content so they are extra soft and comfortable and are strong and durable. They wash well as well.

What's more my step daughter who has size 8 feet keeps stealing pairs from my drawer as she finds them comfortable also and are the only sock she has found that fits comfortably and does not show in her precious pair of super low cut ballet flats from Michael Kors.

Jays Barely There Socks are currently on sale at, well thats where I got mine from, they could possibly be available in other places I am not sure. They currently come in beige and black.

If you have little feet like myself and like to wear no show socks, you should absolutely give them a go.

The Issue

If you are reading this post you will know that not wearing socks with shoes is not a wise idea.

It can:.

- Make your feet to rub with your shoes causing unnecessary blisters and calluses.
- Cause your feet to swell, sweat much more than usual and become uncomfy.
- Make your shoes and feet smell greater than usual.
- Can noticeably shorten the life of your shoe.
- Create a breeding ground for bacteria that consequently can cause infections like Athlete's foot.

The Answer.

Wear socks of course but this can look rather weird in some kinds of shoe such as heels or ballet flats. This is when you need a pair of Jay's Barely There Socks. Our Socks are developed to provide the minimum coverage but the maximum comfort. We have designed our socks based upon feedback from our customers.

Special features include:.

- High cotton content to allow your feet to breathe and stay comfortable.
- Seams kept to a minimum for extra comfort.
- Extra large silicon grip on the heel to keep the sock in place no matter how active you are.
- Machine washable and durable.


Jay's Barely There Petites are specially designed for people with US size 7-8 looking for extra minimum coverage or those with US foot size 3-7. For those of your with larger feet a larger size is also available.