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Tips on How to Choose the Right Hydroponic Nutrient Solution for Your System

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nutrient solutions take a very vital role in hydroponic gardening. Soil-grown plants receive vital nutrients through the soil. In hydroponics, or the cultivation of plants in a soil-less environment, the nutrient solution provides the food and nutrients that the plants need for them to develop. All plants need the right amount of amounts of phosphorous, potassium, nitrogen and other trace elements. The wrong nutrient balance or a mixture that does not have the right nutrients may not only obstruct the development of plants but it might also kill them. Here are a few guidelines on how to pick the appropriate hydroponic nutrients for your garden.

There are a range of commercial nutrient solutions readily available on the market. There are several products that are made to make your plants smell much better, produce more flowers or deliver an increased yield. Others claim to give you healthier plants with sturdy root systems. The correct nutrient formulation for your system will largely depend more on what plants you wish to grow and what results you seek. If you are planning to produce green plants fast, then you certainly wouldn't want to purchase the exact same nutrient solution as somebody who wants to raise his tomato plants to create more fruits.

Another important factor to consider in selecting a nutrient solution is the price. Some products can make your hydroponic system significantly costly. Although it could be very appealing to get a brand that costs far less than the regular price range of hydroponic nutrient solutions, you should not make your decision based exclusively on the price. Astonishingly low-cost products are normally too good to be true. Inexpensive brands may not produce the kind of results you desire. You need to establish a price limit that you can afford and then figure out the most ideal hydroponic nutrients your money can buy. In doing so, you can actually produce healthy hydroponic plants without overspending.

Select a nutrient solution with the right pH level. If you apply a solution that is too acidic or too alkaline, it may create more harm than good to your crops. Typically, plants favor the acidity level of 5 to 71/2. Solutions with higher levels of alkaline may lead to weak nutrient absorption, while those that are too acidic may severely weaken or kill the root system.

Generally, most nutrient solutions are already relatively acidic and tap water usually has an acidity level of 7 or 8. So, you can just mix tap water to your solution to get the suitable range. Just always remember to regularly check the pH levels. To have a successful hydroponic garden, you will have to keep an eye on it very closely and invest more time and effort in discovering the hydroponic nutrient solution that satisfies your needs.