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Get Wrist Wraps For Lifting At The Gym - Expert Advice!

Friday, January 3, 2014

I had a scary freak mishap at the gym a couple of years earlier, I was doing a really conventional weightlifting workout that most of us have in our schedules, good ole bench press. I was however attempting to beat my personal record and had packed a couple of kilos too heavy than I should've, my wrist snapped back as I lowered the barbell over my chest, I heard a crack, it broke, and the weights fell right downwards onto me. It could have ended much worse than it had though, fortunately I sustained no permanent injury although I was out of the gym for nearly 6 months up until my wrist was ready for weightlifting once again. This could however quickly been avoided by just utilizing a pair of weightlifting wrist wraps to support my wrists. At the time of the mishap I had never planned to utilize them.. Up until the mishap occurred.

Now I'm virtually never going to the gym without them, the weightlifting wrist wraps are always in the fitness bag. And the good thing is that they provide such great support that I can't even notice the previous injury I sustained years earlier. Merely stunning, no pain or anything. I utilize them for all types of exercises today to provide me extra support in; shoulder presses, bench presses and virtually all other major exercises, even squats, as the barbell usually puts a quite high level of tension on the wrists at heavier weights.

Choose a pair of weight lifting wrist wraps that fits you well, if you are weightlifting heavy you probably wish to go with a slightly longer model than if you only do light training. I can myself really suggest the brand Nordic Lifting, as they make premium quality weightlifting wrist wraps that fits for virtually all kinds of training, if it be crosstraining, weight lifting, olympic exercises or other fitness activity you may be doing. Their wrist wraps are a little stretchable and offer excellent support for your wrists. The fabric is high quality and will last for a long period of time. They even provide a 1 year warranty, have a look at the video above for more details about it and go to their website for more information!