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Self Healing Silicone Cutting Mat - Fantastic Accessory for Sewing and Craft Fun

Thursday, January 2, 2014

For these of you that do a lot of sewing and craft, like me, you will know that you are usually cutting, gluing, paining etc. I was also very conscious of damaging my tables and benches. I decided that it was about time I invested in a Self Healing Cutting Mat. It was the best factor I ever did. I can't believe that I hadn't carried out it sooner!

I ended up receiving the Viridis Cutting mat. It has undoubtedly been a great investment and saved my furnishings on many occasions.

It is my most utilised and valuable sewing and craft tool that I own. I take it to classes and use it about the house. A single factor that drew me to the Viridis brand was the clear measurements and the fact that it was a double sided mat. This has made it so straightforward to use when measuring fabric for quilting or cutting shapes for card making.

I've been able to use rotary cutter as well as paper knives to reduce all sorts of materials on it. When ever I have been making use of it to glue or paint on, I simply wash it in room temperature water with some dish soap and its as great as new!

I ended up buying my mat on Amazon. I looked about at a few locations to buy a single and Amazon was by far the best! I got it at an remarkable cost, the shipping was exceptional and I knew there was a return policy if one thing went wrong.

It's definitely been the most amazing and straightforward thing to have when you happen to be undertaking craft or sewing activities. I would have to say it ought to be a necessity if you happen to be a creative person. If you haven't got a single or you are thinking about receiving a single then, then don't wait just buy a single and find out for yourself how beneficial they are!

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Self Healing Cutting Mat - Amazing for Sewing and Craft Activities

Lengthy Lasting Top quality Solution - Wonderful for Rotary Cutters

Correct measurement to support boost your sewing and craft expertise

Double sided with measurements and grid on both sides

Aid to Safeguard your delicate surfaces