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Check Out This Great Demo Video For A Stroller Organizer

Friday, February 14, 2014

It's great when you stumble upon a video for a product you currently have and love that teaches you new things you weren't already aware of. When I came across this video demonstrating all the uses and functions for the Easy Stroller Mate I was so grateful to have found it because right away I could see how much more I can get out of my stroller organizer!

I understood when I purchased it that it was loaded with functions - one of those uncommon items that the designers actually put some time and effort into and possibly even (gasp!) heard what their customers wanted, but this video reveals there's more to this great product than I initially thought!

For instance, the video begins with how it can be affixed in numerous ways to a stroller's handles, whether they are horizontal or angled. And if you have horizontal handles like mine then you can have it either hanging down from them or sitting up flush. Originally I had it hanging down because I simply didn't understand there was the choice - but now I have it sitting flush which means no more reaching over the bars to access my drinks, snacks and goodies. They're all right there where I want them.

Another feature I wasn't even aware of until I saw the video was the access to the mesh bag at the top of the organizer. These sorts of tips and demonstrations truly do make the product even more helpful than I thought it was! Anyway if you have an Easy Stroller Mate then you must check out this great video since it'll educate you about your own product. And if you don't have one but are considering purchasing an organizer, I spent ages investigating them and there's absolutely nothing on the market as practical or good value as this one. Check out the video and you'll see what I mean.