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Weight Lifting Belt - Top Quality Neoprene Back Support Belt For Weight Training And Fitness

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

- Simple to use 'instant release' Velcro fastener, no fiddling around with buckles.
- Completely flexible with heavy duty stainless steel hook to make sure of an excellent fit.
- Light-weight and durable neoprene - simple to clean.
- Ergonomically created to offer exceptional support around the lower back and core.
- Soft enough to put on against the bare skin or over workout clothing.

I started weight training about 1 year back and I really like it. At first I never ever saw the point for getting a weight training belt or lumbar support of any kind, but today I think a little differently.

Now that I'm becoming stronger, I am moving heavier weights which is terrific. However the trouble with this is that lifting heavier weights feels to put more stress on my lower back. This was specifically the case when lifting the weights to to get started in my sets, even more than when actually doing the reps.

At the start I definitely didn't require a weight training belt as the weights I was making use of just weren't really heavy or challenging at all. Whilst at the gym I realized that a lot of of the big men put on a weights belt, so I figured I'd give it a try myself to see if it would make it any easier on my lower back.

I had actually worn leather gym belts prior to this but I didn't like the fact that they dug in to your skin when leaning over. Now, I'm not the slimmest chap around but I still wanted something a little more comfortable for my size.

So I had a look at Amazon for some suggestions and discovered this weightlifting belt from Elite Body Squad. I'm not bothered about fancy colors or flashy designs. I just want something that works!

There were a few less costly brands but I didn't want to risk getting any of them as I've usually noticed that you get exactly what you pay for in life. I'm extremely happy with the belt that I've selected, it feels good quality and I like the way it molds to the curves of your body and doesn't dig in at all. I can focus on doing the workouts now and am beginning to lift much more weight. I would certainly endorse this power lifting belt.

I also like the fact that Amazon have a 100% money back policy so if you're not totally happy with what you've purchased, you can just request for a full refund!

Although I won't be returning this weight lifting belt back, it's just what I wanted!

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