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Fresh Kiss Gum - Package of Twelve

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Think about that life changing event when you both knew the time was ripe for that initial kiss. The timing of that moment was absolutely crucial. If you pulled back at that destiny revealing second in time, it might have created confusion and a missed opportunity.

When this priceless moment comes, you must be ready. You will want to be feeling confident and boldly go for that initial kiss. A new bond can be born at that exact moment. Who knows how far that initial kiss will lead? Perhaps 25 years later you will know?

Average gums and mints are NOT good enough. Cover ups do not measure up. You need real power. French Kiss chewing gum provides that with oxygen and pH balance. These are the things that the 'bad' bacteria do not enjoy.

Be kissable again.

French Kiss Chewing Gum Twelve Pack

Used by Hollywood Stars.

Rooted on the powerful Fresh Breath PLUS Formulation, this powerful gum obliterates odors before the crucial moment. Merely take one or two pieces of this powerful chewing gum right before the next kiss and you willl be CONFIDENT that you're 'kissable'.

12 packages/12 pieces each

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