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New Product Launch From Elite Body Squad

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Elite Body Squad are excited to reveal the release of their latest product in to their popular range of fitness accessories. We're very pleased with our range of weight lifting products and we carefully test and check for quality workmanship and always insist on utilizing the very best materials available. We use our own products ourselves, by doing this we can constantly inspect to see how well they carry out in the gym, how durable they are and just how much of an enhancement they can make to training improvements. In this manner we can also make improvements to the design and fit if required.

We Use Only The Finest Materials...

* Heavy duty thick gauge 100% cotton straps for extra strength and toughness

* Top quality hand made by professional craftsmen which will last you for many years

* Lifting straps give more power and control allowing you to lift even more weight... securely

* Extra long, good to wrap around a bar numerous times

With our weight lifting straps you're in good hands, you can expect the very best quality.

We decided to make a brief enjoyable video to discuss all of these advantages.

100% satisfaction guarantee

These lifting straps are now offered on

Simply look for 'Elite Body Squad' and see our full range of workout aids to discover more.