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Tips for Houseboat Hire

Monday, March 31, 2014

Whether you plan to stay in one place or explore a body of water, houseboats offer excellent accommodation alternative to conventional hotels. Houseboats range from traditional flat models to modern, sleek styles and usually have areas for cooking, sleeping, and socializing. But first, you should get the right houseboat that will meet your needs and preferences.

Below are the steps to renting a houseboat.

1. Decide whether you want to sail the vessel to go from one place to another or simply remain in one specific spot. Check the license requirements for the rental location and make sure that your licenses are up-to-date. In many regions, a special boating certification is not required but you may have to have a boater education card. If you want to have a houseboat vacation without the responsibility, you can choose a houseboat hotel.

2. To increase your chances of getting a good quality houseboat, look for a houseboat charter company that focuses on houseboat rental. A company that offers other types of rentals and only a few houseboats may not be able to give as much safety details and information as a rental company with a bigger inventory. Because your family's or party's safety depends on the rented boat, choose a reputable houseboat hire company that gives comprehensive maintenance reports, detailed description of the houseboats, houseboat orientation briefings, and extensive safety information.

3. If possible, visit the boat in person and in advance. Houseboat pictures on company business sites could be misleading and any damage (which can bring discomfort and risky are definitely not shown in photographs. Inspect the hull for any sign of damage. If you are going on a longer houseboat trip, arrange a dive inspection to ensure your safety. If you are not able to visit the vessel before the start of your trip or if you're only spending a few days on it, ask the rental company for references and check online reviews for the company. Although most houseboat hire companies will require you to give a deposit, don't pay the full hire fee until you've seen and checked the houseboat in person, to avoid being scammed.

4. Prior to accomplishing the rental process, express your concerns relating to your vacation. If you're hiring in a region that doesn't permit shore access, ask if you could charter a smaller vessel to reach your houseboat. Ask about electricity, and power generators. If you don't have much experience with regards to taking a houseboat trip, talk to the hire company about where and how to get fuel, proper care for the houseboat while on board, safety and emergency measures, and about the local waterways.

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