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Herbs and Spices for Better Health

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

All of us know that nature knows more about wellness and health than we do. It's tough to find a book that actually goes into detail on more than the basic herbal remedies and the use of herbs and spices for healing. That's why I was thrilled to discover Sharon Daniels' most recent book.

I've reviewed a couple of books on herbs and spices previously, however never one that provided information on the most up to date spices in use, like pink peppercorns. The book "Healing With Herbs and Spices" provided me precisely what I was searching for - Sharon Daniels provided the herbs and spices in alphabetical order, and offered more than simply the essentials. She offers the science behind the remedies, and lets you know exactly what has been proven, and exactly what each treatment involves.

My favorite part of this brand-new book was conclusion, though. I didn't get an opportunity to look through the peek inside when I purchased it, so I wasn't actually sure exactly what the book would cover. It was simply one of a number of books I purchased on the subject. Surprise, surprise, there are recipes! Ms. Daniels provided methods of treating various ailments, tells exactly what flavors need to and need to not be combined, and offers wonderful pointers for including them into your diet.

I'm actually satisfied with the book, and think you will be, too. Check it out when you have the chance!

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In most homes, herbs and spices are the supporting actors in culinary endeavors. Without them, our meals would be relatively plain, and yet many people are afraid to experiment with the amounts and types of herbs and spices they use. Their nutritional value is often ignored, and their uses, outside of strictly culinary endeavors, are often overlooked. This book strives to change that by providing home cooks with comprehensive information regarding the use and flavor of herbs and spices, their medicinal and nutritional properties, and even a little gardening information and folklore. You’ll be surprised how complex these food additives truly are, and what they can do to keep you and your family healthy!