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How to Prepare for Marriage Counselling Therapy

Friday, May 23, 2014

If you and your spouse want to invest in and strengthen or fix your relationship, consider getting marriage counselling to help you reach that goal. Written here are some important things you can do to prepare yourself to make your sessions meaningful and fruitful.

1. You should keep in mind that your marriage counselor is not the person responsible for fixing your relationship. He guider you in making necessary changes on your own, which happen mostly outside of the office.

2. The sooner you enter marriage therapy when challenges happen, the better. Often, couples wait until they are on the point of putting an end on their relationship before seeking professional help. Marriage therapy can still be helpful in such situation, however it is best not to wait for this to occur. Taking charge of the issues in your marriage and not allowing them to tear you and your loved tapart can empower you.

3. You and your spouse should consider and recognize the roles you both have in the issues. It's very easy to blame the other individual and quite tough to take responsibility. The time to prepare for your own part is now. If you're not ready for this yet it's alright. However, bear in mind that it will emerge soon in the marriage counselling process.

4. You and your partner should ponder about what your marriage really means to you and whether you're both willing to make changes. When both of you make positive changes that are meaningful to your better half, they serve as reinforcement and could be a stimulant for more positive changes. Right now, you may not be ready to make changes, but this will also be tackled in the marriage counselling process.

5. Admit that you cannot change your partner. Too often, couples attend marriage counselling putting the blame on the other person. Instead, focus on the changes that you are willing to make.

6. Do not think of your marital problem as "unfixable." Remember that it isn't the severity of a problem that determines the longevity of a relationship. The important thing is how both the husband and the wife communicate about the problem. The marriage counselor will teach you effective communication skills that could help you rebuild trust and reconnect with each other.

To have an effective marriage counselling therapy, ponder on the above written points before attending your first therapy. Check out Victorian Counselling and Psychological Services by following the provided link to get more details about how marriage therapy will work for your relationship.