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Kreatin(TM) - Creatine Gain Muscle and Get Big - Workout Supplement that Guarantees Results

Monday, May 26, 2014

I'm a body builder, weight lifter and sort of all-around athlete I guess you could say. Lately I have been looking for a boost to my workouts and hopefully increase muscle mass. A fellow body builder friend of mine recommended creatine as a starting point supplement. I am not one of those extreme, huge biceps, thighs with the 30" neck or whatever. I'm probably more an average weight lifter trying to stay looking good as I get into my thirties.

As a starting point I checked out a local health food, nutrition store at the mall and they suggested I try creatine power mix. This stuff comes in a HUGE tub and provides about 5000mg of creatine monohydrate per serving. But here's the problem: "a serving" means that you have to mix this impossible to mix, crappy tasting chalk stuff, and drink it before each workout. So, not only does this taste like crap but it takes too long.

Needless to say, no thanks to the creatine powder mix. The store, to be fair, refunded my purchase without a problem. I wonder if maybe that happens a lot with that product maybe?

So now I decided to look online, specifically on They're pretty good and I've used them before. Thousands of products, competitively priced, 30 return policy.

OMG, Amazon search returned pages and pages of more of the same: tubs of creatine monohydrate in chalky powder form that you have to mix. But I also found a number of creatine capsules and tablets. Tablets? Now THAT sounds like the way to go. So, looking specifically for the creatine tablets, I further found differences in concentration and compounds of creatine. There is a little more to this than meets the eye. Creatine comes in a number of forms: creatine monohydrate the most common, creatine phosphate and creatine pyruvate not so common. Creatine comes in a number of concentrations per serving with the recommended appearing to be 5000mg.

There was one product from one company that stood out to me: Kreatin from M&M Beauty and Wellness, LLC. It's in tablet form with a serving size of 3 tablets. It contains ALL THREE primary forms of creatine. A 5000mg serving (3 tablets) delivers 4800mg of creatine monohydrate, 190mg of creatine phosphate, and 10mg of creatine pyruvate. And it's $10.50 plus shipping. I bought it, I'm using it, and I love it. I'm maybe not the "alpha male" it says I can be - YET - but I can definitely tell a huge difference in my workouts. I can work out harder than before. I recover from my workouts quicker than before. And most importantly I have increased muscle mass.

This creatine combination has been shown to produce superior results in athletic, body-building, and muscle building workouts.

Unlock your inner alpha, the one you know you can be, with Kreatin. This three-part formula will maximize your muscle growth by letting your muscles keep going when they get tired. This means you will push harder, get bigger, and gain mass faster than ever before! So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and ripped muscle to gain. Creatine has been used by world class athletes, John Elway for example - and now you.

We named it Kreatin so would not confuse our rock star product with the other cheap imitations on the market.

Kreatin(TM) is not illegal - but maybe it should be.

For those still not convinced, we offer the following simple guarantee: If you don't see the ripped body you expected from Kreatin(TM), return it for a full refund - no hassle, no questions asked.

Beware of the imitators, Kreatin(TM) is:
o Easy-to-swallow tablets. No huge container of thick, chalky, messy, hard to mix, powder.

o Not one but three compounds of creatine as follows:
1. Monohydrate (4800 mg) for support of both cellular function, and post-workout rapid recovery, as well as basic energy production.
2. Phosphate (190 mg) for rapid energy replenishment and support following your workout.
3. Pyruvate (10 mg) for increased muscle development and body mass.

o The 60 tablet bottles are enough for 20 workouts.

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