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OTR Elastic Loom Band Luxury Friendship Supply Kit, Metal Heart and Silicone Charms

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Would it not be nice to get your children far from their iPads, cellphones and all electronic stuff? Do you like having your youngsters on a tablet or laptop 24/7? Of course not! Then you have actually got to make your children try out the runaway hit of the United States shopping season, an easy crafting gadget called Rainbow Loom or another one of the knock-offs out there.

Rainbow Loom was created by a Malaysian immigrant, Choon Ng and has taken the world by storm, millions of loom kits and millions of silicone loom bands are being offered of this, the 2014 Toy of the Year, the inventor states that, "It's astonishing that something that started in our dining room could be this successful." More than 3.5 million loom kits have been acquired since their launch in the USA alone and 60% of those were offered in the period from Thanksgiving to Christmas 2013. You'll find that it's a fantastic method to pry your children away from the PCs, it's social, children share bracelets, designs and patterns with their buddies and create their own designs too.

Loom bands, bracelets and even suits (yes, those you wear!) are now part of the mainstream, as you may have observed with the recent "Suit of the Loom" shown by Jimmy Kimmel on TV and sold for charity. Another crucial element of the loom craze is that a 3rd of the sales are to kids, lots of them like to make bracelets in the colors of their school sports groups or their preferred pro teams too.

1200 Loom Bands in 30 colors, 8 Silicone and 2 Incredible Heart-Shaped Metal, Imitation Diamond-Studded Deluxe-Charms + 50 S-Clips.

Remarkable compact kit of versatile and lively color silicone-rubber bands & amazing charms.

Two distinct deluxe replica gem-studded heart-shaped metal charms!

1200 High Quality 100 % Silicone Loom Bands, Varieties with:.

- 600 Bright and Flexible Solid Color bands, 10 various colors also with red, black and white.
- 300 Delicately Reflecting Glitter bands in 8 cute pastel colors.
- 200 Neon Colored Glow in the Dark in 8 colors (keep in mind to load them up each time under strong light so they can really glow).
- 100 Tie-dye in 4 color styles.

2 Metal+Imitation Gem Charms and 8 Flexible Silicone Charms

- 2 Special Deluxe Heart-shaped Metal Charms with replica gem-studded borders.
- 8 Hand-picked Flexible Silicone Charms.
- 50 Great and Secure S-Clips.
- Cute and helpful PVC cylinder packaging (Height: 3.74" by 3.15" in diameter).
- Certified chemical free item.
- Designed in Denmark.

100% 6-Month Hassle-Free Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not totally pleased, we'll refund your purchase.

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