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How to Reduce the Stress of Moving

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Unless you are a minimalist, moving to a new place is probably the toughest household tasks you'll ever do. It can be so overwhelming. But if you can plan in advance and get organized, you will definitely make it through this enormous process with a sense of fulfillment and be ready to enjoy your new house or apartment. The following are some great tips:

1. Dispose of as much of your things as possible before you start the packing process. Think about donating to charity, a yard sale, or tossing away some things.

2. Use boxes of the same size, if possible. Such boxes will be easier to stack while you are packing your things and while the boxes are in the truck. Also, by so doing you'll be spared of the task of trying to figure out how to get all boxes of different sizes stacked in a way that they will not fall over.

3. Use smaller boxes to help both you and your moving team keep going with the process without too much struggle. Big, heavy boxes will make you feel tired quickly.

4. Use a reliable tape and tape gun. The few extra bucks you will spend will save you a large amount of frustration.

5. Make use of several wardrobe boxes. These cool stuffs keep your clothing clean and ready to hang. Also, you can throw your boots, shoes, and purses in the bottom.

6. Write the room where every box goes into on the outside of the box. This could save you a lot of time and effort when talking about depositing the boxes.

7. To help you find things with ease, write a brief description of what is in each box. If you are using recycled boxes, attach a small sheet of paper on the outside of the boxes to create a comprehensible label.

8. When you are packing clothes, towel, sheets and the like, place a plastic garbage bag in each box first, then place your things in the plastic bag. Do the same thing with the post and pans. Doing this will spare you from the task of washing them when you have to unpack. And if you want to keep your clothes smelling nice, throw in some sheets of fabric softener into the bag.

9. Pack the stuffs that you will need during the first night in separate boxes or bags and label them "essentials" so you could get to such stuffs immediately without having to go through 30 boxes trying to find certain things when you are already worn out.

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