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The Benefits Of Ab Wheel Workouts To Your Body

Friday, September 12, 2014

What can a simple small wheel and padded axel do to your body? Simple! If you combine them together, they can make a very effective exercise device, an ab wheel. Ab wheels are used for performing ab wheel rollouts which are not only fantastic for your abdominals but offer other benefits too.

Enhance your strength

Ab wheel workouts are fantastic for your whole body-- not simply your abs. How? The movement and overload is such that you will develop strength in your arms, shoulders, upper back, lower back, hips and thighs as well as, of course, your abdominals.

Enhance your core stability

All the muscles in your midsection are called the core muscles; they are responsible for stabilizing your spinal column and preventing extraneous movements of your back. With an ab wheel workout, you will get a strong core thus avoiding back injury and improving your posture.

Reduce your potential for back pain

Weak abdominals are often the reason for non-specific back pain. Ab wheel workouts can help you strengthen these muscles so they can provide a solid basis for the rest of your muscles and keep your spinal column properly aligned.

Improve your sporting performance

Running, kicking, jumping, throwing and punching are all reliant on a strong core. Ab wheel workouts are extremely effective in strengthening your core leading to an improved sporting performance.

Improve your coordination and mobility

Ab wheel workouts use multiple muscles and joints in synergy which will enhance inter and intramuscular coordination. Also, ab wheel rollouts enhance your flexibility and mobility with the large range of movements you will experience.

There are plenty of high tech ab training tools around but when it comes to the benefits versus the cost, ab wheel workouts are really hard to beat. You can also watch the video below for more ab wheel workout benefits. Featured in this video is one of Amazon's best selling ab wheels, the CSX Dual Ab Wheel Roller. The CSX Ab Wheel is the only ab wheel in the market to include a thick knee mat in addition to its dual roller wheels and extra thick padded handles to provide you with extra comfort when you roll.